A good year with loads of moments I cherished!

I traveled Mysore, Melkote, Lepakshi, Udupi and Anantapur.

A big time addiction. :D I have become a photo maniac carrying my camera everyday to the office and pestering my beautiful teammates to pose every now ant then. They, too, encourage me and I have made a reasonable progress.
A few include Market shoots, Madiwala Market Shoot, Russel Market.
Subscribed to flickr pro for an year.

Completed just nine books.

Watched loads of movies on the small screen though I have lost interest in watching them anymore.

iPod, E51 Phone with gprs, a new TV. ;)

...and my favorite model quit the company who always posed for me. :(

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father-daughter talks

Depressed daughter consoled by her father.

Daughter: Why there's so much struggle that you keep working towards your goal and end up failure?

Father: After every suffering, there is happiness and success for sure. Unless, there's struggle, you wouldn't realize the joy of your achievement.

While walking on the road, always look down and step ahead so that you avoid falling down. Its better than looking at sky and falling down.

Hard work is always rewarded. Everything comes to him who waits.

Daughter: When will the right time come?

Father: You're still young. You've such long years to live and its not the end.

[Daughter: With tears in eyes.

Father: Pats her to sleep.

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Jiya se Jiya

Jiya se Jiya song: AR Rahman.

Watched it ...and liked it. :)

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Wise and Other wise

Wise and Otherwise-A salute to life, authored by Sudha Murty. Impressed by reading her book, Mahashweta , I borrowed this book from library and completed at the earliest. :)

Dedicated to page says:
Dedicated to
'The Shirtless Ones of India'
who really taught me
what my country is

This doesn't apply to those on silver screen ;)
Sudha Murty writes her experiences as a teacher, a friend, a mother, a wife and a social worker. Having traveled in remote villages, towns, urban cities and places abroad; she, being an extrovert, has conversed with both rich and poor, literates and illiterates, young and old. The different kind of people she met, some rich at heart though poor, some with high potential to succeed in life, people she met while setting up libraries in villages, strangers who could converse for hours in train, few married women who suffered torture from in-laws, etc...

The book consists of 51 stories written in a lucid style. No glamour and just simplicity and modesty. Each incident narrated is a lesson taught by life.

The question paper set by life is unpredictable. Every one has to face the examination with or without preparation. No one can predict the questions we face in life. Life is such!

You meet a few who are wise and remaining who are otherwise!

ISBN: 81-86852-88-3

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Two hearts that beat as one

Yesterday was my cousin's wedding and I got an opportunity to click loads of pics. South Indian weddings have lot of rituals like Vara Pooje, Kashi Yaatre, Gowri Pooja, etc... More explanation will be added soon. Here are a few pics:

Dry fruits in a bowl
Dressing table made of cardboard
Made of sugar called Sakkare Acchchu.
Grooms feet washed during Kashi Yatre.
Groom holding Bride's hands during the main wedding ritual.
Seven rounds.
 Praying fire.

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My library

I am an avid reader of books. Be it fiction, non-fiction, fantasy or mythology, I don't spare reading even Harry Potter or Shantaram . The first novel I read was during my college vacations, Tell me your dreams by Sydney Sheldon. I had borrowed that book from a friend. My parents always consider that investing on novels or comics is a waste of money. Hence, I never bought a novel or a comic from my pocket money during school or college life. Though, they always encouraged me to buy text books required like GRE by Barrons and many more.

A couple of years ago, I met a gal who was also an avid book reader. She had read so many books that I would ask her suggest me my next book to be read and explore the good novels and great authors. She not only read them but also owned them. I was fascinated when she said that she had around 5000 books in her library, which occupied the topmost floor of her house. I was much fascinated when she told that all the books were original and not pirated! One fine day, we decided to meet and visited British Library for membership. That fine day was 16th December. :)

So far, there are around 100 books in my personal library bought from my money. There are several e-books and online books available which I have read. But holding books is different from e-books. This friend inspired me to start my own library with unique collection of books. I still repent that I've few books and buying books are never a waste. I hope to add many good books in near future.

Now there are book networking sites like Shelfari , libthing and goodreads which encourage the readers to share their thought and explore books.

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A forwarded email.


Many of us forget that we have one right (rather weapon) bestowed upon us by our constitution to choose those people who can shape our future, make our living place a better one. But we simply can't exercise this right of ours because we don't have our name registered in the electoral rolls (to clarify, u can vote even if u don't have voter id card, only ur name should be in the voter list). So, this Jaagore initiative helps us to register ourselves in the voter list, so that we will be able to choose our leaders. It just takes 5 minutes to register and the website is very user-friendly.

Jaago Re is started by Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy and members are all scholars from premium institutes like IIT who left their lucrative jobs… do visit www.jaagore.com once. They r doing some real good stuff. Register for voting online, in 5 min, n they'll keep you updated on mails n SMS about elections dates, your nearest polling booth and other stuff. They have many eminent persons in their advisory panel including our own revered NRN, Rakeyesh Omprakash Mehra(Director of Rang De Basanti) etc.

About Jaago Re-One Billion votes:

Jaago Re! One billion Votes is a nation-wide movement launched by Janaagraha in association with Tata Tea to enable the citizens of India, especially the youth, to register for voting. The mission is to register the entire of India (one billion voters) for voting in the next five years; in order to benefit Indian democracy. The campaign focuses on empowering the Indian youth to lead this change.

In launch year(2008-09), the campaign is targeting urban voters in India's top 35 cities, which represent one-third of India's urban population. The campaign is targeting to register 4 million voters to register before April 2009 elections. From next year onwards, the campaign plans to target Tier-2 cities and eventually rural India.

Read more here: http://jaagore.com/main.php 

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When at home alone I sit

There are two trees in front of my house for more than two decades now. One is a Sampige tree, planted by my mother, Sampige flower is yellow in colour and my mother is very of it. She uses these flowers for worshiping daily or decorating her hair. The other tree was planted by Mahanagara Palike. Though, I don't know what these trees are called. It is the tallest among the two trees, let me refer to it as Tall tree :)

The tall tree doesn't provide any flower not fruit but it definitely provides shade and cool breeze. My father parks his vehicle under its shade. It is also a shelter for crows and small animals like squirrels. Many squirrels dwell in this tree, to my surprise. When my mother spreads paddy or wheat for sun drying on the terrace, these squirrels would run to and fro, happy to find its food for survival. :) When there is nothing spread on the terrace, they find their way into the Tulsi pot eating the tiny flowers.

On few weekends, when I sit in my room spending the whole day browsing the net or reading a book, I watch these tiny animals with huge tails running around at regular intervals in search of food. I was sad that they didn't find any food and I spread a packet full of roasted groundnuts on the terrace and hid behind the window with camera and pin drop silence. One came out, holding the roasted groundnut with both hands, peeled off and started to munch. Having completed only one groundnut, he ran to the tree and called for his friends. Slowly, his friends also came out and started relishing the groundnut. It was a splendid moment to watch them munching together and how one called out for its hungry friends when the food was found. We have lot to learn from them.

A groundnut packet: Rs 10/-

Watching the squirrels eat and play together: PRICELESS.

If you see any animals, don't let them starve. :)

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Drafted 7th Dec '08

Last Sunday, 7th December, I watched the Kannada play Kalavu at Rangashankara .
Direction: Pramod Shiggaon,
Playwright: Dr K Y Narayanaswamy,
Troupe: Rangasampada, Bangalore.
Duration: 120 mins.

In Kannada , kaLavu means stealing. According to myth, stealing is also considered to be a smart profession. The plot of the play is all about stealing. Not everyone can be perfect at stealing without getting caught. Stealing not only refers to stealing valuable stuffs belonging to others, it can be stealing someone's dream, happiness etc... Little Krishna in Mahabharat a was also a great thief who stole butter. In this play, a buffalo is stolen and the villagers are involved in searching the lost animal. Meanwhile, the depth of truth is discovered apart from finding the lost buffalo. The play is well executed and the suspense is maintained till the end.

All of us are thieves in day-to-day life. If we haven't stolen a materialistic stuff we might have stolen something else. Yet, we don't realize that we are thieves. ;)

Also read more: here.

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Fire in the mountain..run, run, run..!

Friday always bring relief to us. Most of eagerly wait for Friday and leave the office as early as possible. :) Today is one of the most memorable day in my life. At around 11:15am, the fire alarm rang in our building and all of us inside were out of the building within few minutes. When we were out of the building, we learnt that it was just a mock fire alarm to train us. This was a relief and none of us were worried since nothing serious had happened.

While walking out of the building along with my teammate who is also a close friend of mine said, " If anything happens to any of us, I am gonna miss you." I was moved by her words.

Death: I don't fear. It is better to live brave than live with the dear of death. Death hugs young and old. If not at old age, I would die young. The fear of death makes you grow older and worried than you're. None of us can predict when we die or how we die, then why fear something which are out of your control and lose peace? We, being mortals, are born with death. Nothing is permanent and no one is permanent in life.

My aunt once narrated this story to me:
A young King in his thirties was over-weight. He had inferiority complex due to his physical looks. He, once, announced that he would reward the person who would suggest him the ways of reducing fat in less span of time. Many ministers suggested various methods and nothing worked. He was dissapointed. One fine day, a sane astrologer says, that, the King will die exactly after a week from this day. The King, listening to this, wouldn't sleep, stopped eating and was always lost in thoughts since the fear of death haunted him. More than a week passed, he remained alive. The angry King, now called for the astrologer and told him with pride that he was still alive, hale and healthy, and his astrology was wrong and he would be hanged. The astrologer being a clever man says that the King was now slimmer than before. This made King happy. If he hadn't told that he was going to die, the King would never had worried or lost weight. This is the fear of death that made his lose this peace, brought sleepless nights, starve, numb and even cry.

I was happy that there is at least one person who would miss me when I am gone. :)

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Bikes from..?

Bike reminds of the sound Vroom Vroom. Any guy's dream is to own a bike especially the one like Thunderbird or Karizma/R15 or even a Hayabusa. Most of my friends upgraded to one of these, except Hayabusa, after their bank account was credited with their first salary :)

I received this beautiful forwarded email. Any guesses what these are made of? ;)watch-1

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It is madness...!

I decided to pick up this photo-tag from Arvind's blog . Though, I am supposed to post only five, couldn't restrict from posting the other wise thoughts.














Most of us have favorite quotes. Show me your favorite picture quotes. :)

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