I was here last sunday: Asia's largest campus where the best training is available in the world. "Paradise", I shall call it. With Five star accomodation to the trainees and GEC(Global Education Centre),Bowling, Table Tennis, Gymnasium, Aerobics, Swimming pool, Wall climbing, amphitheatre etc and how could I forget Multiplex theatre in the campus? I was cursing my fate for having missed my stay during training at this place. Alas, my training was at Bangalore :(

What's its name?

What's its name?
Commonly called 'gubbachi' in Kannada. Anyone could spot these sparrows a couple of years ago. I used to see them during my school days. Haven't seen them in the recent years. Are these species of bird becoming extinct? :(
Lucky to have captured them at Mysore Infy, last sunday :D

Maximum Retail Price :O

I had a weird experience on Sunday morning. My friend and I were headed to Mysore. Having slept only for 4.5 hours, I woke up early and reached Majestic sharp 7:45am. With no breakfast in the morning, I was hungry. For munching while travelling in the bus, I bought few snacks from a nearby shop: Mirinda 600ml, Kurkure and Good Day biscuits. Altogether, these would cost me only Rs 40/- if I was wise enough to buy it near my house. Instead I landed up paying 45 bucks much more than the MRP printed on each of them.

This isn't the only place where people are forced to pay more than MRP. In most places, where bus halts or be it railway station, sellers DO demand more than MRP. And we end up paying more :(

Why is it this way, everywhere? :-| [Indifferent smiley]

iPod mania

Its exactly been three weeks I have owned this 80gb raw entertainment; an iPod Black Classic. If you have been a regular reader of this blog and have read the older posts: Out of dilemma and iWars, you might be awestuck what motivated me to own it? Well, the radio stations are no more interesting to listen, unlike a few years ago. Whenever, I tune into any radio station, I'm forced to listen the most bugging or annoying song: Jhoom baraabar jhoom or E murdon ka shaher! How awful would it be to listen to 'E murdon ka shehar' on a monday morning while you are stuck up in a sickening jam? Moreover, the RJ's have lost the creativity to hold on listeners for a long time. Over 9 Radio Stations so far, most of us keep changing the channels very often.

Ever since, I've been loading it songs, photographs, movies(is a must) from the PC. The day I bought it, my computer had conked off past a month or so! Got the SMNP replaced with a new one. Aaaaaaargh, had forgotten Windows XP admin password and had to format the C:\ drive, thus losing much data of which no backup was taken :(

Having installed iTunes 7.4 and happily transferred songs upto 2gb. Even then, 72 gb space was free. Hence, I decided to transfer few movies. How can I forget the HP series? I tried transferring using Real Player and iTunes. Both didn't work. A friend suggested a link. When I downloaded and converted the movie file; the movie of length of upto 5 minutes was converted as it was a trial version :(Later, Sudipta, who had been owning 30gb iPod past few months gave me few links out of which many were trial versions and finally, we managed to download the converter which could convert movie of any length :D Thanks, da!

I, finally, bid an adieu to my old Transcend mp3 player. Now with my iPod, I can enjoy a movie everyday while travelling in the bus. With a video iPod, who cares a radio?

PS: Buying iPod isn't a waste when you have a passion for music. Instead, its a 80gb asset. Yet to store Pirates of Caribbean :D

V or I day?

Here is an email forward I received a couple of days ago. Believe me, the dress of any color we have has an unusual meaning :S[Confused smiley] and don't be surprised if you were caught teasing by your friends ;)

Dress code (14 th Feb)

Blue- I’m free

Green- I’m waiting

Orange- going to propose

Pink- accepted just now!!!

Black- proposal rejected

White- already booked

Yellow- broke up!!!

Gray- not interested…

Red- leave me

Please reply how about you???????
Happy Valentine's Day to all the committed ones for their lives is full of committments. And for those who are single, enjoy your Independence Day :) I'm enjoying my freedom :D

Taare Zameen Par!

Watched on Jan-12 and drafted on Jan-14-08.You could imagine how lazy I'm to publish this post now :P At the beginning of the movie, I loved the animation. The above pic is a part of the animation :)

Taare Zameen Par: A good movie I watched after Chak De India.

A movie with an extraordinary lesson; a lesson to both parents and teachers a well. As a 10 year kid studying in class III, Ishan Awasthi's(Darsheel Safary) role as a child suffering from dyslexia, is incredible. Darsheel's performance is flawless. Tisca Chopra as a mother and Vipin Sharma as a father have done justice to their respective roles.A child not able to compete unlike other kids, not able to do his homework on his own inspite of his mother's assistance; unable to recollect what was taught in the class. The little kid turns his imaginations into beautiful paitings on the wall and canvas with the rich colours. Unaware that, Ishan suffers from dyslexia, his parents admit him to a boarding school. A few days later, he faces all sorts of embarrasment. He stays numb without uttering a single word ven to his mother who had been close to him. Aamir Khan, as a teacher, plays a magnificent role encouraging Ishaan which brings a remarkable improvement in him. The most moving scene was when Ishan's father meets Aamir and says that he cares for his son. Aamir slams explaining to him what caring and loving is-a hug, a pat, politeness. While watching his son reading a bulletein board, tears roll down his cheeks. As time goes on, the boy learns to do his chores like tying the tie and wearing socks and shoes etc and also, learns words, sentences, numbers under Aamir's guidance and tops in the class.

In the movie Black, Amitabh plays a great teacher teaching the young Michelle(Rani) the words; their meanings; how words and meanings are interrelated. Without meanings there wouldn't be words. Also teaching her what discipline is meant to be! Similarly, Aamir teaches Ishaan that words and meanings are inseparable entities.

When compared, Amitabh and Aamir play tremendous role as teachers. You find very few dedicated ones these days.

Being an Aamir fan, I've enjoyed all his movies. If you have watched all his movies, he has always played a distinct role; say a lover QSQT, Dil, Dil hai ki manta nahi, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikander, Raja Hindustani; a loving and caring mama in Hum Hain Rahi Pyar ke, a tapori in Rangeela and Ghulam; a comedian in Andaaz Apna Apna, Ishq and outstanding performances in Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, Sarfarosh, Rang De Basanti, Fanaa, Taare Zameen Par till date!

At the end of the movie, I was in deep thoughts of my little nephew; not that he is suffers from such a disorder. But the way parents pressurize their little ones. From morning to evening, the kids remain between the four walls of the school. After the return home, burdened with loads of assignments. Hence, no play!

Since technology is within the reach of a common man, most kids do operate the gadgets without any instructions. Playing cricket on a laptop is much easier than playing on the field. Where lies the creativity and mingling among other kids???

A Thousand Splendid Suns

A Thousand Splendid Suns: I finished reading the book last year in November. I had been quite lazy to pen down my thoughts. The story begins with the childhood of a young girl, Mariam, who is always called 'harami' by her mother. The story kicks off with the daughter disobeying her mother and had to face the truth of life; thus realising "all the glitters is not gold!" A 15 year old girl is forced to marry a man who is 30 years older than her after the death of her mother.

Several years later, the was begins; thousands of people lose their life and beloved ones as well. The young Laila loses her parents, brothers and the love of her life. Unaware that her chilhood hero is alive, Laila is forced to marry Rasheed, Mariam's husband who is in 60's.

Though, Mariam can't stand a new women in her husband's life. As time goes on, the two women share their happy times, sorrows just likes two sisters or rather say they share a bonding that of a mother and a daughter. Khaled Hosseini brings out all the grievences the women had to undergo and the basic rights they are deprived of.

Years later, Laila's love Tariq returns. Her love for him is eternal. Rasheed, her husband, suspects and she is beaten to death. In the act of saving Laila, Mariam kills their husband. A few days later, she is sentenced to death. Her dreams of meeting Laila, her children and her grandchildren remain a dream. The role of Mariam is unique. Before she is sentenced, she is happy and sad. Sad because she was called a 'harami' throughout her life. But she was thankful for the wonderful moments with Laila, Aziza and Zalmai, her kids; grateful that she had a friend for life like Laila.

Its very surprising to read the emotions and grieviences Khaled Hosseini has written about women in this book. The book though describes the devasting situation, is worth reading a thousand times :)

One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roofs,
Or the thousand splendid suns that side behind her walls.

When I finished reading the book, I thanked god for the freedom I am enjoying!