Maximum Retail Price :O

I had a weird experience on Sunday morning. My friend and I were headed to Mysore. Having slept only for 4.5 hours, I woke up early and reached Majestic sharp 7:45am. With no breakfast in the morning, I was hungry. For munching while travelling in the bus, I bought few snacks from a nearby shop: Mirinda 600ml, Kurkure and Good Day biscuits. Altogether, these would cost me only Rs 40/- if I was wise enough to buy it near my house. Instead I landed up paying 45 bucks much more than the MRP printed on each of them.

This isn't the only place where people are forced to pay more than MRP. In most places, where bus halts or be it railway station, sellers DO demand more than MRP. And we end up paying more :(

Why is it this way, everywhere? :-| [Indifferent smiley]

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