Change please...

A couple of days ago, I was travelling in the BMTC bus. A young lady demanded the change in exchange for the ticket she bought when she reached her destination. This reminded me of a funny incident that took place during my engineering days.

We were a gang of 12 gals, who always waited for the BMTC bus near the college, in which student bus pass was allowed. There were few who never had necessity to own a pass and rarely boarded the bus since they own a vehicle. One of my friend who didn't own a pass, who looks like a school kid, gave Rs 20 for a ticket costing Rs 6 since she didn't have exact change. The bus conductor scribbled the exact change to be tendered. On the mid-way, she demanded him to return the change in rupees. The arrogant bus conductor replied to her "Ee bag nalli iro chillre ella ninge"("All that is in this bag is yours", showing the metal coins and paper notes in his bag). This made all of us giggle :D

After this incident, she tenders exact change ;-)


  1. they act weird when u ask for change...

    well my knowledge dates baack to 1999... dont know how it is now!

  2. @ Naveen, :)

    @ Kishan, Yup, they act in a sarcastic way while returning change till date. Sometimes, if we board the bus in late evening, they crib to give tickets, too.

  3. lol!!

    blame my forgetfulness, have managed to lose some money quite a few times like this :P

  4. @ Prashanth, How much did you lose? :P


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