Madiwala Market

5th April:

Madiwala Market Shoot was my first market camera shoot with the active shutterbugs. The meeting point was at Total Mall scheduled at 7am. It was the first time I went with my camera to a sabzi mandi during the morning hours and bought nothing :)

While we went around and clicked, the people were so enthusiatic that they posed before the camera. Many even dragged us to click their pics.--"Oye madam, uska photo keencho", after their photos were clicked "Photo kaami(kaami in Tamil=show)", "Saab, mere gaadi ke saath mera ek photo keencho(Click a photo of mine along with my vehicle)."

ArrangedPaan leaves

CoupleWhat do you want?

Since Ugadi festival was nearing, this was a good time to visit the market area. One side of the market; an open one with sufficient light while in the opposite lane, the vegetable vendors used tarpaulins with little light entering the region.

Akash, Aranya and me tried the panning effect on the busy road with Manas's guidance. After few attempts, I managed to get a decent one with his suggestions.

I loved the panning effect :) In panning effect, the moving object is still and the background is blurred.
Panning -1 | Madiwala Market

Well arranged


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