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With a hope of getting my iPod fixed, I visited the Apple showroom at Forum a month ago. Even if the iPod didn't function well, it was only "hope" in me, since I had an year warranty for my iPod which includes replacement, too :)

As I entered the chilled-air crowded showroom, I went to the cash counter complaining to him that my iPod isn't functioning properly. He directed me to the service desk which was just behind the cash counter. I noticed that there were few people who had faced similar issues with their iPod like me ;)

Me: I am facing lots of problem with this iPod... Whenever I connect it to my PC, iTuNes pops out a message saying that the iPod is "corrupt". And sometimes, it doesn't get charged :(

He: Ooh.. What version of iTunes are using? The version installed on your computer?

Me: some 7.4.... i guess... Don't remember the exact version, though. Whenever, broadband is connected, iTunes downloads the latest version along with Safari.

He: See, ma' gotta install the latest version always... that's why you're facing such problem...

Me: (sounds stupid!) Its not the software problem... Its the hardware problem... Even without iTunes, Windows pops out a message that the "device connected may not function properly".

He: Its a software issue in your iPod... anyways, I'll reinstall iTunes...

Me: (Dumb, fellow! Its a hardware issue and what the hell is he saying???) Ok... reinstall it...

He connects the iPod to the Mac machine which has Windows installed.

He: May be some virus infect to your iPod.

Me: My PC is virus free.... Even if I connect it at my workstation, I scan for the virus... Its virus-free... Its a hardware problem.... why are you reinstalling the software??? I don't face such problem when I connect a pen drive... Even without iTunes, iPod should behave as a hardisk!

He: ma'am.. I shall reinstall it... Let me know if you face the problem again...

Me: (To hell with you! I'm telling you that its a hardware prob and you're saying its software??) What if I face the same thing again???

He: No worries... I will replace it with a new one...

Me: (Why shouldn't I worry? I've made a huge investment on the brand name-"Apple" whose service people can't even figure out that its a clear hardware issue and not software!

He: It would take sometime for installation....

Me: fine...

Meanwhile, I was gazing at the displays. A triband transistor/radio costs Rs 3599/- I was awe stuck to learn its prize. A couple of years ago or even now, handy pocket sized radios are sold for less than 100 bucks. Even Philips transistor is available for 175 bucks! "Apple"-got it? I, also needed a pouch for my iPod. After checking out few pouches, bought a cute leather pouch for Rs 1099/- Brand Name, you see!

After half an hour, the installation was done. I was given my iPod. I walked out of the showroom annoyed. It was a bad experience, totally. Never expected such a service from Apple!

Two days later, I connected iPod to my workstation. Due to virus infected iPod, my account got locked! At home, I connected it to my PC, scanned for virus. Altogether, 9 trojans were found. That fellow formatted iPod and introduced trojans! Sick!!! The antivirus was up-to-date and hence they were quadratined at a single click :)

Till to-date, it's working fine :) I wish I wouldn't visit the place again ;-)

Moral: I've learnt that I should never go by the so called Brand-Name and just because other suggest or won something, one shouldn't be running after it. Few had suggested me to own an iPod rather than Creative Wide Screen player since its service was better than Creative's. 

As for iPod is considered, I'm glad that it recovered :D ...and I love the sound clarity touch pad and of course the design though it lacks many features as in Creative. It isn't bulky at all!

We learn from experiences, don't we?


  1. "I've learnt that I should never go by the so called Brand-Name" - it was also a moment you bought a leather pouch for Rs. 1099/-!! Hmm, I am not at all saying we should always practice what we preach! ;)

  2. an apple a day keeps the doctor away
    a garlic a day keeps everyone away
    an ipod a day keeps ur peace away!


  3. i dint face such an issue with my ipod but similar to that ...even worse atleast u had ur ipod kept inside ur fungus filled draw or dropped it into a trash can but i faced issue at the apple store in chiang mai where i bought it (thailand) ...typicall american sales guys ok... they installed itunes and they screwed the installation process and then i had to send it to my friend in banglore to fix it...(now i don't know whether he was at the forum).point is that it is not we going behind brands... it is because we have our trust in technolgy.i mean, human made these stuff and they are bound to have such errors...if ipods were made in japan , it still would have some problems (doesn't mean japanese are smart...i'm smart :) ) now coming back to trusting the technology, i hate it ...i don't belive when someone says that technology is developing each days. add to that is what is say as 'errors are developing each day'.
    burn it ...burn it well!!!

  4. @ Kiran, Couldn't stop myself from buying that cute pouch :|

    @ Vikrem, Well said :)

    @ bg, My iPod wasn't infected by fungus or was dropped :) Visit the service centre, if it doesnt help then ask for a replacement.

  5. I remember once a friend of mine had a Shuffle Conked... Same Forum Guys told... Flash Gone "buy New one"

    i just restored the shuffle from a utility available from the Apple Web site

    (some inherent problem with flash memories, not all memory cells work fine... there is internal circuitry to overcome that, and new bad cells created that was a real hardware issue, and i guess it might not be able to recover though)

    i had called up Vodafone to ask about d iPhone, rather to ask if they had any DATA PLANS before d phone came in (to use before it was formally launched) in case I got 1 from US

    Vodafone guy : it wont work, Locked bla bla bla

    Me : i am talking to u from a iPhone

    Vodafone guy : it wont work, Locked bla bla bla

    Me: [CLICK] MORON!!!

  6. @ Sukla,Apple products cause more trouble :(


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