Jewel Box

Jewel box
This was a wedding gift from my dad to my mom. He had purchased it from Madras(now Chennai). I love the design of the musical instruments on it. Artistic work, isn't it?
A couple of years ago, when my mom was arranging few of her jewels, I was impressed and grabbed from her. But I never used it fearing that frequent usage may damage the design and preserved it carefully. Whenever my mom sees it, it brings a smile on her face :)


  1. Namaste
    are you Manasa the RJ of Radio City i was searching for her on net i stumbled upon your profile...and i found it interesting(u say im flattering)....and u got good photography skills(again u will say im flattering)..the Manasa i am looking for has a great voice and talks beautiflly just like ur profile( i flattering ?).
    hope to meet u ...


  2. @ anonymous, I'm not an RJ. If you're looking for great voice then you've reached a wrong place(my blog)!

  3. ok.....does that box play anything? it has some nice Indian designs on it....but i mean like when it opens does it play music like a jewelry box?

  4. @ Indian food recipes, Nope. It doesn't play any music. Its a pretty old jewel box which was bought in 1971.


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