Right to vote

I casted my vote in the Karnataka Assembly Elections. The process of searching my name in their list was a heck. The voting slip was issued to a few. Some of my neighbours and myself hadn't been issued the voting slips though we already owned the Voters Card. A day before, my dad had taken a printout from the website for this reason.

We went along with the printout and told them that we weren't issued any voting slips and gently showed them the voters card. They searched our names in their huge booklet and finally found the names.

At the desk, I told the first person sitting: "We were not issued the voting slips. We have the voters card and here's the number." He noted number on another pink slip gave it to me. I was annoyed the way that fellow questioned me-"Whats your age? Have you voted before or is it the first time you're voting?" Crap!!! Why the hell he wants my age? Hadn't I been 18, I wouldn't have been issued the Voters card to vote! ..why does he want to know if I had voted before or not? I remained silent, went ahead, signed in their register. A lady, with the tiny ink bottle applied the ink on my index finger. The length of the ink being half an inch, maybe. She reset the electronic voting machine for each new person. I went ahead and cast my vote.

After coming home, I kept looking at the ink on my index finger. It was still "light blue". I tried to rub it while it was wet and it didn't vanish ;) Today morning, I checked my finger and the ink color had turned black. I asked my dad repeatedly, when this mark would disappear. I guess it may take a week or so!

As far whom I cast my vote, it will be confidential and it should. There are several things which shouldn't be questioned and cannot be answered ;)


  1. Good.. Madame. A perfect CITIZEN.

  2. @ peevee, Thanks for the compliment :)

  3. Every time i cast my vote, I cant resist the urge to Erase the ink, and do it every time (by far the method used during the current elections was the most effective I have seen)

    Last time i successfully managed to erase it :D

    I just do it for my faltoo research, LOL and not to try try any bogus voting

    PS: the ink is difficult to remove if it comes in contact with water... thats when it turns black

  4. @ Sukla,Very true. Its difficult to erase the ink when it comes in contact with water.


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