I was on a two day vacation to Udupi, coastal Karnataka, located 60km from Mangalore and 415km from Bangalore.
May 16:
We started our journey along with ten more people at 7:30pm on Friday night via Tumkur, Shimoga to reach Udupi by 5:30am the next day. Though, we prayed we reach Tumkur at the earliest, it took us 2.5 hours due to the heavy traffic vehicles. Others at Tumkur had been eagerly waiting to occupy their seats in the tempo traveller(TT) and we had a mini-dinner during the journey. The TT had a TV and the little devils pestered the driver for a movie which ruined everyone's sleep :( Sometime later, everyone dozed off, except the driver and the TV was still ON.
May 17:
At 3am, the headlights conked off on the highway and made our journey pathetic. The driver could no longer take risk and drive, since Agumbe(Western Ghat section) was too near and too dangerous to drive without headlight. We reached Thirthahalli. The driver waited until the first rays of sun hit the earth and then started. By this time, I had slept off. Suddenly, I felt the chill air blowing my face and I opened my eyes to see what was happening. Oh My!!! Scenic beauty of Agumbe. Why are all beautiful places so dangerous, located so high and one has to take so much risk to relish the joy of a lifetime?? I took out my camera to capture from the window and the driver accelerated. I missed a beautiful shot :( Down the ghats, there were lush green fields, chill air, and I covered myself with a blanket.
At 9am, we reached Udupi, finally. It was a long and tiring journey. My knees and neck were aching as I moved them. As we occupied the rooms, I dropped my luggage thud on the floor and dozed off for a while.
Everyone got ready and reached the Sri Krishna Temple/Mutt. Udupi is famous for Lord Krishna Temple. There is an interesting story behind it: In the earlier days, only the upper caste people were allowed to enter the temple premise. A devotee named Kanakadasa who did not belong to the upper caste was forbidden to enter the temple and see the lord. His both the hands were tied to the pillar and he sings with utmost devotion. The lord, pleased with the devotion, turns the idol such that Kanaka dasa could catch a glimpse of him. Hence, the name Kanakana Kindi is given to the small opening on the wall.
Sri Krishna Temple
Sri Krishna Mutt-Main Entrance
The temple is well maintained. At the garba gudi(garba=main, gudi=temple), the chill air AC blows and I never wanted to leave the place. The idol of the Lord is small and yet attractive! Photography, inside main temple where the idol is, prohibited. I appreciate the devotees, including me, who obediently followed the rule and didn't dare to click :)
Bangalore's weather is so pleasant and chill that I am hardly hungry. While Udupi, on coastal Karnataka, brings sweat in a while.
Udupi Heat + Constant roaming + Heavy sweating = Hunger.
It was noon time=lunch time. The Krishna Mutt are always on time, be it Pooja or serving lunch. At 12, we occupied ourselves in front of the huge plaintain leaf which are used during festivals or functions. We had chowki oota(Lunch) after thanking god for the food we eat. The food was delicious, yummy.... and I was virtually drooling over it :D I relished the jack fruit payasa for the first time and it was yumm...
Udupi Heat + Yummy Food + Sleepy eyes = ....zzzzzzzzzz.
Post lunch, we rested for 2 hours and headed to Pajaka, 10km from Udupi. One of the Acharyas-Madhwa acharya, the founder of Dwaita philosophy, was born and brought up at Pajaka. It has a temple and several stories of Acharya are told.
An old house
An old house at Pajaka. I love old houses :)
On the way, we visited the Durga Temple on the hill top of Kunjaragiri. The place is a shelter for several monkeys, too. The previous post, Monkey Business, was shot here.
Hill Top at Kunjaragiri
Dhol at a temple
We reached Malpe at 5pm. The beach was crowded with all sorts of people, right from small kids to aged ones. There were few vendors selling balloons, ice creams, kites, partners holding each others hand while walking, kids building their dream palace out of sand, bhel puri....:D Small kids pestered their parent for a camel ride. This was the first time, I ever saw a camel at a beach :-| I lived with an illusion that camels should be only in desert, I was wrong! The boat ride was also there. St Mary's Island is a beautiful place which missed at Malpe due to time constraints. We left the beach at 7:30pm. I was half-hearted to leave beach. I wish Bangalore had a beach too :(
Sand Palace
Playing with sand

A Slow Ride

Camel ride at Malpe Beach
May 18:
I woke up at 5:30am. Though, it was early, I was the last person to wake up and reach the temple. Never mind!
After the darshana(seeing), we visited the temples near by in Car Street. These temples are very old, spacious and well maintained. The area where the Eight Mutts are located is called: Car Street. Since I was very hungry, my mother and I went to a clean and popular restaurant, Mitra Samaj, and had delicious Udupi special sweet dish-Buns. Another famous Udupi dish is Patrode.
Rangoli designs were sold near the temple
Post breakfast, a small nap, refreshed our-selves and back to temple. Again, the lunch was yummy and I was drooling over it. Ate my tummy was happy.....zzzzz. I woke up in the evening and got ready on time for the Brahma Ratostava. Wheew, what an event! Evening Aarti, fireworks, dhols, devotees pulling the huge chariot with their energy and I was clicking them all :D The chariot is pulled such that it crosses all the eight Mutts in a single round in Car Street. Few people believed that I was from some newspaper and asked if it would be published the next day ;-)
Two chariots
Huge crowd in front of the chariot
I set the camera in continuous mode and kept shooting whatever I could. Man, you don't get to see such events everyday and what for a camera meant? My mother who did not spot me for a long time from the beginning to end of the event got tensed and worried. She thought I might be lost as commonly seen in Hindi movies. All mothers are same. No matter I am a grown up and even if I reach her age, she would still treat me a kid :) Later, when she saw me, she was relieved and adviced me to stay with her.
Now, we packed our bags and took a short route to our destination.
May 19:
Back to concrete jungle.
More pics: here.

My daddy strongest

Oh My God! A couple of hours ago, I learnt that today, June 15th, is Father's Day. In the noon, post lunch, my father was reading the news paper supplement edition on which was printed bold-Father's Day. I realized that I had completely forgotten about it.

Though, I do not believe in all these: Father's Day, Mother's Day et cetera since they are special to me everyday :)

You dropped me to school.
You insisted me fight fair.
You made me aim high.
You taught me how to ride bicycle.
You forgave me when I scored less in exams.
You stayed awake the whole night when I was ill.
You always provide credit to me without interest.
You showed me how to take a fall and stand tall.

You believed in me and made me the person I am.
You taught me all there was to know about confidence, respect and loving.

Happy Father's Day. Love you!

This cute note to make him smile :)

Now, let me rush to Archies for a gift :D

Monkey business

I was on a vacation last month. At the temple on a hill top, there were several monkeys jumping from one branch to another etc. I found few monkeys tidying themselves. I was amused to see their activity and captured them immediately on my camera :)
Scene 1:
Monkey Business!
The baby monkey is stuck up in between while the other two monkeys are busy :)
Scene 2:
Weekend is the only leisure we get
Baby monkey tries to escape. While the other two monkeys are still busy!
Scene 3:
Come back, you are still a kid to roam alone
Come back, you are still a kid to roam alone.
Not only humans, animals do care to a great extent.

Skipping snippets

I have been a victim of frequent throat infection since my childhood. When I asked the doctor to suggest me a remedy for this, he adviced me to exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy.

Recently, I suffered severe ear and throat infection due to the weather change and I had to visit him for medicines. Before leaving the clinic, this is the conversation between the doctor and me.

Me: I have been skipping a lot, these days.

He: You should not skip.

Me: But its too good for health. It is one of the best methods to lose weight :) (I told with a smile)

He: Nope. It isn't. Many people think it is good to skip and lose weight. In turn, you tend to gain more fat if you skip frequently.

Me: (Puzzled :-|) Doctor, I do sweat a lot. I might have lost around two kilos, atleast.

He: That's good. But, I isn't good to skip.

Me: (Awestuck....????) I do drink a lot of water after skipping.

He: That is too bad. You shouldn't be doing that!

Me: I just do 200 skips daily for 20 minutes. I warm up for 10 mins before rope skipping. Later, I relax for 10 mins after I skip :)

He: I thought you were speaking of "meals skipping." (Now relaxed and smiled)

Me: Oh.. No. I was talking of "rope skipping."

He: It is good to rope skip. You should continue with it. (With a sigh of relief.)

World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day. I have been seeing less greens of late. Why don't we take small steps to save Mother Earth? Though, it might be hard initially, it is not impossible.

My list goes here:
  1. Use of plastic bags/bottles and throwing them on the road. Few people litter wherever they find space which is too annoying. Why not use paper bags?
  2. Instead of burning confidential papers which cannot be given to recycling shop, why not shred them? :)
  3. People going in the same route can pool car/bike saving petrol too. OMG, petrol and LPG prices are reaching the sky.
  4. Switch off the monitor when not in use and if u are not using them for a long time-shut down the computer/laptops. This applies to all the electric appliances, too.
  5. Some people spit everywhere on the road, thus creating an eye sore. Many so called educated people litter in the buses or public area. Why don't they discard the garbage in the dust bins.
  6. The flyovers and digging of roads is another cause too.
  7. Plant a tree for each house if less space or no of trees=no of people in the house :)
  8. Even refrigerators emit lot of CFC(chloro fluoro carbon) which break the O3 structure of the ozone layer. Instead, use earthern pots during summer :D
  9. Few advertisements on the roadside also require a tubelight lit the whole night. Is it necessary?
  10. I appreciate the Chinese adoption of cycling and thus it compulsory. This not only reduces the pollution and traffic but also reduces weight and helps us to stay fit and fine. In most western or European countries, people cycle in summer and use car during winter.
The solutions to the real problems lie with us. But we do not think of the solutions and crib over the existing problems. As an individual, why don't we contribute to save the nature?

Jaane tu.. ya jaane na

Last weekend, I stayed at home since it was pouring cats and dogs in the city and moreover, I was down with ear and throat infection :( My dad was occupied watching the IPL cricket match and he would not part from the television or cricket so easily! I sat down watching live cricket accompanying dad. In less than an hour, I was bored. I could not follow the sport and I was easily lost understanding the sport. Whenever I asked dad something while he was curiously watching, he would get annoyed. So I decided to walk out and I was back in my room and medddling with the computer keyboard.

Lemme listen to some songs... Browsing through the songs drive... Uuh, ho.. all these are pretty old... Lemme listen to the radio... Blah, blab, blah... Radio--also boring.. Playing same old songs... Lemme search for something new on the net... Oh, yeah, Jaane Tu..Yaa Janne Na is the latest movie, lemme check for these songs... Downloading all songs.. only one song left--Pappu can't dance! "eRRoR" downloading "Pappu can't dance".. goli maaro... Chalo, listen to the other songs...

The songs of Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Na are good and why not it be, if AR Rehman has played them. I liked esp Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi and the title song, Jaane Tu mera Kya Tha(Aditi)-female version the most, followed by Nazarein Milana.

Do you remember, cute and smiling Genelia of Bommarillu and Boyz? These are the two movies I have seen Genelia and liked both the movies :) Listening to the songs, I guess, the movie might be of that sort-college going teenagers in love. Lets wait and watch what this movie is upto :)

Who moved my cheese?

Book of the month,May   : Who moved my cheese?

Author                             : Dr. Spencer Johnson

Type of the book             : Inspiration/Motivation

Related books                  : The Alchemist

                                           The monk who sold his ferrari

A couple of months ago, I had read The Alchemist and The monk who sold his ferrari. This is the third motivational book, I have come across.

The storyline suggests that-Change is inevitable and one has to move along with new things as the time goes. Thus lies the secret of success. The author refers to the "Goal" as "Cheese" throughout the book. We should adopt ourselves to the new changes and move along as quickly as possible or else it is difficult to survive in the current competing world! Sometimes, we may fear that changing ourselves might land us far behind than we are. Once we lose fear in us, we tend to gain confidence and the route to success becomes easier.

My 2 cents-We are here to excel, not just survive. Charles Darwin's theory holds good: Survival of the Fittest!

Having Cheese
Makes You
The More Important Your
Cheese Is To You The
More You Want To Hold
On To It.
If You Do Not
You Can Become
What Would You
Do If You
Weren’t Afraid?
Smell The Cheese
Often So You
Know When It Is
Getting Old.
Movement In A
New Direction
Helps You Find
New Cheese.
When You Move
Beyond Your
Fear, You Feel
Myself Enjoying
New Cheese
Even Before I
Find It, Leads
Me To It.
The Quicker You Let Go
Of Old Cheese, The
Sooner You Find New
It Is Safer To
Search In The
Maze Than
Remain In A
Old Beliefs Do
Not Lead You To
New Cheese.
When You See
That You Can
Find And Enjoy
New Cheese,
You Change
Noticing Small
Changes Early
Helps You
Adapt To The
Bigger Changes
That Are To
Change Happens
They Keep Moving The Cheese
Anticipate Change
Get Ready For The Cheese To Move
Monitor Change
Smell the Cheese Often So You Know When It Is
Getting Old.
Adapt To Change Quickly
The Quicker You Let Go Of Old Cheese, The Sooner
You Can Enjoy New Cheese.
Move With The Cheese
Enjoy Change!
Savor The Adventure And Enjoy The Taste Of New
Be Ready To Change Quickly And Enjoy It
They Keep Moving The Cheese.

Move With The
Cheese And Enjoy It!
The book is definitely worth a reading more than once :)
Now, go find your cheese ;)