Jaane tu.. ya jaane na

Last weekend, I stayed at home since it was pouring cats and dogs in the city and moreover, I was down with ear and throat infection :( My dad was occupied watching the IPL cricket match and he would not part from the television or cricket so easily! I sat down watching live cricket accompanying dad. In less than an hour, I was bored. I could not follow the sport and I was easily lost understanding the sport. Whenever I asked dad something while he was curiously watching, he would get annoyed. So I decided to walk out and I was back in my room and medddling with the computer keyboard.

Lemme listen to some songs... Browsing through the songs drive... Uuh, ho.. all these are pretty old... Lemme listen to the radio... Blah, blab, blah... Radio--also boring.. Playing same old songs... Lemme search for something new on the net... Oh, yeah, Jaane Tu..Yaa Janne Na is the latest movie, lemme check for these songs... Downloading all songs.. only one song left--Pappu can't dance! "eRRoR" downloading "Pappu can't dance".. goli maaro... Chalo, listen to the other songs...

The songs of Jaane Tu.. Ya Jaane Na are good and why not it be, if AR Rehman has played them. I liked esp Kabhi Kabhi Aditi Zindagi and the title song, Jaane Tu mera Kya Tha(Aditi)-female version the most, followed by Nazarein Milana.

Do you remember, cute and smiling Genelia of Bommarillu and Boyz? These are the two movies I have seen Genelia and liked both the movies :) Listening to the songs, I guess, the movie might be of that sort-college going teenagers in love. Lets wait and watch what this movie is upto :)


  1. Hi Manasa.. Many Many Happy Returns of the DAy.. Keep Growing in Every aspect of your life..

    Take Care

  2. Wish u a very happy birthday manasa. Njoy

  3. Waiting for this movie to get released... DAMN desperate to watch it... :)

  4. @ Sudipta, Yes, it is!

    @ Naveen an Indian, Thanks!

    @ Satish, Its belated! You wished late.

    @ Joel, I already know the story ;)


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