Monkey business

I was on a vacation last month. At the temple on a hill top, there were several monkeys jumping from one branch to another etc. I found few monkeys tidying themselves. I was amused to see their activity and captured them immediately on my camera :)
Scene 1:
Monkey Business!
The baby monkey is stuck up in between while the other two monkeys are busy :)
Scene 2:
Weekend is the only leisure we get
Baby monkey tries to escape. While the other two monkeys are still busy!
Scene 3:
Come back, you are still a kid to roam alone
Come back, you are still a kid to roam alone.
Not only humans, animals do care to a great extent.


  1. great clips, when I was kid I had lice in my hair (thx to my neighbour's girls) and my Mom used to kid how she shd buy a monkey to go thru my hair and pick out the lies :)

  2. @ Harry, Thanks.

    @ Maverick, Did you buy a monkey? ;)

  3. Hey, I am visiting after a long time. Your content has improved so much ;) Nice picture story of this monkey family !

  4. Cool pics and great timing there. Right time, right pic...

    hehee..But the first pic made me ROFL... :D

  5. Any plans to take up photography as an profession??? :)

  6. came here through bloghopping..:)

    a family monkey story....:)

  7. haha!! nice capture.. the place is Kunjaru giri, near Udupi right?1

  8. @ Priyank, Thanks.

    @ Joel, Thanks. I liked the first one, too.

    @ Nandish, May be in near future :D

    @ Anu, Thanks and keep visiting :)

    @ Prashant, Thanks. Yup, shot at Kunjargiri :)

  9. Great yaar. What a sequential click. The emotions in the first pic in the monkey being obliged with the hair picking are priceless. Wish the monkey knew !!!
    Mav - that was one hell of a confession. I couldnt stop laughing.

  10. Awesome captures! The baby is a real clown! Absolutely adorable:) Do you know it is common for mother monkeys to carry their dead young with them, they refuse to accept that the baby is dead!

  11. @ Manpreet, Thanks :)

    @ Indian Home Maker,Hehe.. Baby was struggling to get out.
    Never knew of this piece of info. Thanks.

  12. Good pictures!! After all they are our ancestors and carry a lot of parenting instincts.

    P.S. i use this id to comment but u know where to find me i.e. on wordpress.


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