My daddy strongest

Oh My God! A couple of hours ago, I learnt that today, June 15th, is Father's Day. In the noon, post lunch, my father was reading the news paper supplement edition on which was printed bold-Father's Day. I realized that I had completely forgotten about it.

Though, I do not believe in all these: Father's Day, Mother's Day et cetera since they are special to me everyday :)

You dropped me to school.
You insisted me fight fair.
You made me aim high.
You taught me how to ride bicycle.
You forgave me when I scored less in exams.
You stayed awake the whole night when I was ill.
You always provide credit to me without interest.
You showed me how to take a fall and stand tall.

You believed in me and made me the person I am.
You taught me all there was to know about confidence, respect and loving.

Happy Father's Day. Love you!

This cute note to make him smile :)

Now, let me rush to Archies for a gift :D


  1. Thats a good post with a nice and touching poem...Appreciated the poem.. :)

    Happy fathers day to all fathers.. :P

  2. Daddy,

    You became my ATM until I got a real one :)

    ....and ofcourse much much more, cheers to all the Dads.

  3. @ Joel, Thanks.

    @ Maverick, aah.. you wrote the most significant one :D

  4. "Daddy cool" by boneym woud've been a good gift...:D

  5. @ Abraham, He has already demanded his gift before I would buy something.


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