Skipping snippets

I have been a victim of frequent throat infection since my childhood. When I asked the doctor to suggest me a remedy for this, he adviced me to exercise regularly to stay fit and healthy.

Recently, I suffered severe ear and throat infection due to the weather change and I had to visit him for medicines. Before leaving the clinic, this is the conversation between the doctor and me.

Me: I have been skipping a lot, these days.

He: You should not skip.

Me: But its too good for health. It is one of the best methods to lose weight :) (I told with a smile)

He: Nope. It isn't. Many people think it is good to skip and lose weight. In turn, you tend to gain more fat if you skip frequently.

Me: (Puzzled :-|) Doctor, I do sweat a lot. I might have lost around two kilos, atleast.

He: That's good. But, I isn't good to skip.

Me: (Awestuck....????) I do drink a lot of water after skipping.

He: That is too bad. You shouldn't be doing that!

Me: I just do 200 skips daily for 20 minutes. I warm up for 10 mins before rope skipping. Later, I relax for 10 mins after I skip :)

He: I thought you were speaking of "meals skipping." (Now relaxed and smiled)

Me: Oh.. No. I was talking of "rope skipping."

He: It is good to rope skip. You should continue with it. (With a sigh of relief.)


  1. Hahaha, so much for the (unintended) puns,,, GOod one

  2. ha ha ...and suddenly i was feeling less guiilty for not excercising this week. Alas :(

  3. Hahahaha... and I thought here is some interesting news coming up! :)

    Good post.

  4. LOL...Atlast did he forget to give you the medicines? Dont tell me he did... :P

  5. @ Manpreet, Thanks :)

    @ Maverick, You should!

    @ Sudipta, Interesting news? You must wait :)

    @ Joel, Arre, this conversation was after taking medicines :)

  6. LOL very funny, at first I thought this was a post about how doctors give crazy suggestions sometimes.
    BTW I also used to have frequent throat infections, and amazingly found a solution just this Feb. Do try Homeopathy, Belladona and Dr Reckeweg's R1. No side effects.

  7. @ Indian Home Maker, Thanks. I have been taking homeopathy medicines for the past five years :)

  8. hahaha! Now THAT was funny!!

    And thanks for dropping by at my blog! Will add you to my reader and keep reading!

    BTW where are you located? I'm in Delhi.

  9. very cute. I also write on health and fitness


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