World Environment Day

Today is World Environment Day. I have been seeing less greens of late. Why don't we take small steps to save Mother Earth? Though, it might be hard initially, it is not impossible.

My list goes here:
  1. Use of plastic bags/bottles and throwing them on the road. Few people litter wherever they find space which is too annoying. Why not use paper bags?
  2. Instead of burning confidential papers which cannot be given to recycling shop, why not shred them? :)
  3. People going in the same route can pool car/bike saving petrol too. OMG, petrol and LPG prices are reaching the sky.
  4. Switch off the monitor when not in use and if u are not using them for a long time-shut down the computer/laptops. This applies to all the electric appliances, too.
  5. Some people spit everywhere on the road, thus creating an eye sore. Many so called educated people litter in the buses or public area. Why don't they discard the garbage in the dust bins.
  6. The flyovers and digging of roads is another cause too.
  7. Plant a tree for each house if less space or no of trees=no of people in the house :)
  8. Even refrigerators emit lot of CFC(chloro fluoro carbon) which break the O3 structure of the ozone layer. Instead, use earthern pots during summer :D
  9. Few advertisements on the roadside also require a tubelight lit the whole night. Is it necessary?
  10. I appreciate the Chinese adoption of cycling and thus it compulsory. This not only reduces the pollution and traffic but also reduces weight and helps us to stay fit and fine. In most western or European countries, people cycle in summer and use car during winter.
The solutions to the real problems lie with us. But we do not think of the solutions and crib over the existing problems. As an individual, why don't we contribute to save the nature?

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