Grow up!

I come across few situations or conversations which annoy me the most when friends or relatives or even neighbours commenting on someone's personal issues or bug you with their idiotic gossips or advices: "You know she was in a relationship with some other fellow too, OMG, how can she manage so many boyfriends...", "Why don't you buy a laptop? Its comes for less than 50k these days", "Why don't you do that, this...", "Its a right age for marriage, you must compromise! You see", blah, blah.. I wonder when will people grow up and stop bothering and blabbering about others! ..and focus on their own personality development?

During my school days, our Sankrit teacher had narrated a story:

In the earlier days, two Brahmacharis on their way back to Gurukul were crossing a river. The river was overflowing due to heavy rains and the duo stood at the banks of the river. A young beautiful girl also stood there to cross the river.

Since the river was overflowing, the girl had a difficulty in crossing the river. The first Brahmachari denys saying that it was against the rules of Brahmacharya, to touch a women or even think of her. While the second one on the humanitarian grounds, helps her cross the river as she sits on his shoulders.

On reaching the other side of the river, the girl gets down, thanks him and leaves the place. The first Brahmachari suspicious on his fellow companion argues: "You know you broke the rules. It is considered to be a sin to even touch a women. How could you do that?" His companion replies with a gentle smile:"Dear friend, all this time while crossing the river, she was only sitting on my shoulders. Now, by your words, its clear, She had been sitting in your mind."

e-Filing returns

As all of us know, July 31st is the last date for filing returns for salaried income group. For those who haven't filed their retuns, can file them online.

Again, I am copying and pasting from a forwarded email.

Hi Everyone,

Now no need to worry about your Income Tax returns. No need to Pay 100 / 200 Rs. to any consultant for your income tax return. Govt. of india has made it very simple through the eFiling.

Follow the simple steps below and get the ITR Acknowledgement instantly.

1. Go to the site http://www.incometaxindia.govin/

2. Click on the link eFile-Income Tax Return (see snagit below) at the top-left of the home page.

3. Register yourself once with the help of your PAN No. You PAN No. will be your lifetime used Id for eFiling.

4. All salaried individuals need to submit ITR 1. To generate ITR 1 for eFiling, you need to use the following xls utility.

ITR 1 Utility

5. With the help of your Form 16, fill the details in the xls sheet above. Basically you need to upload all the data(salary,tax details) from your Form 16 to the xls sheet above.

6. Once the sheet is filled, click on the button Generate XML present on the sheet. This will generate a XML file based on the data filled in the ITR 1 form above. Save the file on your machine.

7. Now go back to the site once again and Log - In with the user id/ Passwd generated previously.

8. Click on the link Submit Return under A.Y. 2008-09 (see snagit below).

9. It will ask you to upload the xml file. Upload the xml file generated from the previous step.

10. Once the upload is successful, go to My Accounts->My Returns menu. Here you will get your digitally signed acknowledgement of ITR.

Check here for more info:


Form 16/Salary Certificate should have a digital signature.

Happy e-governance :-)

Saving Power

We, Bangaloreans, have been facing severe power cuts at random intervals. First, it was the petrol price hike followed by LPG prices reaching sky. Now, we are running out of electricity in the Silicon City.

The roads have been dug up which are still under construction. No idea when the potholes will be closed. And these power cuts in the night!! I carry a torch in my bag everyday such that it will be easy for me to walk home while coming back from work during the late evenings. Self-help is the best help :) Next time, you go out and if you are reaching home late in the evening, then do remember to take a torch with you because power-cuts are frequent.I received this mail as a measure to conserve the power. Hence, I am just copying and pasting it here. :)

Hi all,

As we all know that electricity is now not available in abundance and is becoming priced commodity.

Let us do our bit to save electricity.

Please follow below steps to hibernate your PC.

First Step:

Please hibernate your PCs to save electricity. Steps to enable hibernations are given as below.

This works in windows XP and above.

1] Go to start >> control panel >> Power settings.

2] Go to 'hibernate' tab and click on 'enable hibernation 'Once this is done, the PC will have a 'hibernate' option also when you shut down the PC. You can as well use the same instead of shut down.

3] Go back to control panel, scheduled tasks

4] Add a new scheduled task (right click à new scheduled task). Name it as Hibernate

5] Right click >> properties.

6] In the run option, copy paste the following

C:\WINDOWS\System32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState

7] Check the Run only if logged on checkbox

8] Go to Schedule tab and schedule it to run on 'n' minutes of being idle

This can be added in every PC, then even if you are lazy to do a manual hibernate, it will automatically do the same if the system is idle for the specified number of minutes. All you need is to lock the PC and go home and start it the next day!:)

Second Step:

Let us all switch off the PCs and the main power switches before leaving for the day. If something needs to be executed in our absence after our EOD let us switch off the monitor and the main switch giving power to Desktop.

Third Step:

Let us switch off the fans and lights before leaving office if none are using them.

Fourth Step:

Let us follow electricity saving steps in our homes too.

Fifth Step:

Let us propagate this among our colleagues/friends/teams and increase the energy conservation and Power savings.

Thanks for your co-operation!!

I hope we can contribute little to save the resources :)

Playing in water

Scene 1: A small boy splashing water alone in the pond.
Playing in the water

Scene 2: He wakes up with the stone steps as support.
Getting up

Scene 3: He leaves the pond.

Sometimes, we think big and expensive stuffs make us smile or bring happiness. We thrive hard to make our dreams come true. At the same time, we forget that small things make us happy. Few things in life are priceless!

If you cannot be happy with small things, how can you be happy with big things? :)

Doggies Day Out

A Bangalore based NGO,CUPA, organized its 2nd Dog Show on 12th July 2008 at Sullivan Police Ground, Magrath Road, Opp Garuda Mall from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm.
This was the first time I ever saw so many breeds of dogs together. Well, I wish my camera had some image naming system so that I could have their breed names as I clicked. There were few dogs which couldn't walk and sheltered by CUPA. As the owners arrived with their dogs, the volunteers were helping them giving a bowl of water to the dogs.
For the first time, I found my favourite Hutch dog live :D
Before the event started.
Jumper the grateful :D Some dogs were adorned with shirts, skirts, jewelery and even pony tails.
Pug Dog
My favourite Pug Dog :D
Leave me alone
This pug dog couldn't walk and had been adopted. Hence, it was brought in a tray.
When will I go home?
It was a very attractive event with 150+ dogs of various breeds participating. It also had contests of several categories like
- Looks like Owner
- Most talented
- Fattest Dog
- Best smile
- Most well groomed
- Funniest walk
- Prettiest eyes
- Most disobedient
- Best mixed breed
- Curliest tail
- CUPA Prince
- CUPA Priness

The special attraction was performed by dogs of Bangalore Police Canine Unit. This was prior to final prize distribution ceremony. Though, I could not make it till the end.
Check for more pictures: here

Origin of Sambhar

Based on the comment here, which set me think how the famous South Indian recipe: Sambhar,the side dish along with Idli, Vada or Rice, was made at the first attempt.

I found this article by Dr Padmini Natarajan. Read her article to learn more.

“South Indian food, people and culture are inexorably linked to a ubiquitous dish as in idli and sambhar, sambhar and rice and so on. Each state in the South prepares it with a typical variation, adapted to its taste and environment.

The genesis of this dish has an interesting tale linked to it. The Marathas were ruling Tanjore. King Sambhaji was a great cook (the male clan members to note) and very fond of his amti with a handful of the tart kokum thrown in. In a particular season the kokum that was imported from the Maratha homeland did not reach the bare larder of the king's kitchen. Sambhaji was cooking and the minions were shivering in their dhothis to tell him that his favourite dish could not be made that day. A smart Vidushak, who had been elected sous chef for the day, decided to solve the problem. He whispered in the king's ears that the locals used very little tamarind pulp to gain a better sourness to the curry and that Sambhaji should experiment with this variation. Voila, the dish with the tuvar dal, vegetables, spices and the tamarind pulp was cooked and served by the king to his coterie. The court declared the dish an outstanding preparation (they had no choice with the king as Chef) and thus was born Sambhaji's amti that in time became sambhar.”

Thus, the Sambhar we relish in our day-to-day life, was named after a King Sambhaji, the son of Maratha Ruler Shivaji.

The 3 mistakes of my life

I was lurking around this website of Chetan Bhagat and landed up reading the prologue here. Hence, I bought his latest book: The 3 mistakes of my life, cost Rs 95/-. Strand Bookstall offered 20% discount and I saved 20 bucks :) As I bought the book, few of my friends reserved the book for reading. Such is the popularity of CB.

I finished reading the third book by Chetan Bhagat. Unlike his two other juicy books: Five Point Someone and One Night at a Call Center, the book is all about three friends in the year 2000-02:

Govind: A person with a dream of becoming most successful businessman and a mathematics genius.

Ish: A cricket freak; school dropout and who could not stay longer at the military. He is disliked by his parents and considered to be fit for nothing by his father.

Omi: The son of a Hindu priest, always relies on his friends, Govind and Ish, for their opinions.
The story kicks off with Govind starting a small cricket shop inside temple premise. As the sale grows on, the trio: Govind offers maths tuition, Ish becomes a cricket coach and Omi looks after the shop. Ish has a younger sister who wants to take up entrance exams and Govind is forced to teach her maths for free. Ish finds a Muslim boy, Ali, who always scores a six in cricket and he wants to make the boy-a celebrity. Omi's maama(uncle) belongs to a Hindu political party and he is maama's obedient nephew who never argues or disagrees to his maama.

Mistake 1: Every person born dreams of being successful professional in his life. Even as a student, we dream of aiming high in education. The hero of the story, Govind, also wants to be a successful businessman and invests Rs One lakh for a shop in a newly built mall which is ruined by the Gujarat earthquake in 2001.

Mistake 2: He tutors Ish's younger sister Vidya reluctantly and falls in love with her.

Mistake 3: Ish is fond of young to-be-cricketer, Ali, who wrist was terribly wounded during the communal riots. Though, Govind saved the boy's life, his right hand wrist was hurt.

In the act of saving Ali's life, Omi and his uncle are killed.

Ish learns the fact of the bonding between his sister and his best friend. He is also angry over the fact that Ali's wrist was terribly hurt and Govind could have saved him from being hurt. Hence, he stops talking to his best friend for the next three years. Frustrated Govind attempts suicide but saved at a right time.

Though, Chetan tries his best to make the plot interesting, I found many flaws:

Why would anyone mail Chetan that he is going to end his life? Why wouldn't Govind instead maintain a personal diary and vent out his frustrations?

As an investor, who does not lose money, be it stock market or real estate. Profit or loss is the part of business. When Govind paid one lakh advance for the shop in the mall, didn't the owner of the mall have insurance???

During the year 2000-02, cell phones were hardly in use. Even incoming calls on mobiles were charged heavily. Pagers were widely in use. The exchange of sms between Vidya and Govind seems weird.

Ali is provided "free" maths tuitions and cricket couching as well. The trio sponsor Ali's visit to Goa and Australia to exhibit his skills with their expenses. Is that so easy to spend such huge amount on someone just because he is good at scoring sixes???

If a close friend stops talking, we may feel bad. But not that low that we decide to kill ourselves for such stupid reason.

With respect to vocabulary, you hardly find any good ones.

A complete cooked up story.

Can you find a single human being who has never committed a single mistake so far? We do mistakes with/without our knowledge, but does it mean we should crib over it rather than rectifying them?

As in his earlier book, One Night at a Call Center, the girl on the train narrates the story and wants Chetan to publish it. Why do the distressed ones narrate their sad stories only to Chetan?

Chocolate can keep you cancer free

I found this weird article on chocolates can keep shoo cancer.

Chocoholics have a justified reason to savour their favourite sweet - a new study has
found that a synthetic chemical based on a compound found in cocoa beans slows growth and accelerates destruction of human tumors.

"We have all heard that eating chocolate is good for you; this study suggests one reason why that might be true," says the study's lead author Min Kim, Ph.D, a research scientist in the Department of Oncology at Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center.
My father always emphasizes the importance of lemon and orange fruit that keep you away from cancer. Since my childhood, I had been kept away from chocolates for the reasons being: they contain nothing but high calories, cause obesity, and they ruin your tooth. But this article published on rediff blew me hard and makes no sense. If chocolate can shoo cancer then wouldn't it be inviting diabetes and obesity?

Doctors, please clarify!

Easiest Rangoli

My parents were on vacation for a week and the maid had quit the job. It was my responsibility to take care of my home. During the course of time, I learnt many household chores.

Everyday, I would see the lovely Rangoli's drawn in front of everyone's house. I was thinking hard, what could be drawn for a week without repetition? I noticed each and every Rangoli for 2-3 minutes to understand its complexity. Once I noticed a Rangoli drawn without any dots. I tried this simplest design on a sheet of paper before I drew in front of the house.

PS: The quality of the pics are low and shown only for illustration.

Step 1:

Star Rangoli-1
Draw two triangles opposite to each other.
Step 2:

Star Rangoli-2
Draw an outline to both the triangles.
Step 3:

3Star Rangoli-3
Now, join the edges of all the lines.

Step 4:
Star Rangoli-4
Fill with your favorite colors.

Simple isn't it? :)
I call it Star Rangoli.