Doggies Day Out

A Bangalore based NGO,CUPA, organized its 2nd Dog Show on 12th July 2008 at Sullivan Police Ground, Magrath Road, Opp Garuda Mall from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm.
This was the first time I ever saw so many breeds of dogs together. Well, I wish my camera had some image naming system so that I could have their breed names as I clicked. There were few dogs which couldn't walk and sheltered by CUPA. As the owners arrived with their dogs, the volunteers were helping them giving a bowl of water to the dogs.
For the first time, I found my favourite Hutch dog live :D
Before the event started.
Jumper the grateful :D Some dogs were adorned with shirts, skirts, jewelery and even pony tails.
Pug Dog
My favourite Pug Dog :D
Leave me alone
This pug dog couldn't walk and had been adopted. Hence, it was brought in a tray.
When will I go home?
It was a very attractive event with 150+ dogs of various breeds participating. It also had contests of several categories like
- Looks like Owner
- Most talented
- Fattest Dog
- Best smile
- Most well groomed
- Funniest walk
- Prettiest eyes
- Most disobedient
- Best mixed breed
- Curliest tail
- CUPA Prince
- CUPA Priness

The special attraction was performed by dogs of Bangalore Police Canine Unit. This was prior to final prize distribution ceremony. Though, I could not make it till the end.
Check for more pictures: here


  1. Oh so cuteee... :D I love dogs too. They are my fav... Wish I had one... (ma parents don't like them.. :( )

  2. The most amazing dog show ever. Great photos as well!! Too bad you missed the canine unit show - it was a just way too good. The next 2 dog shows will be towards the edn of this year and early next year, in Palace grounds (dec) and Vet College (jan). See you there!

  3. @ Sudipta, Thanks :)

    @ Joel, Nice to know that. Animals are real fun :)

    @ Anonymous, Thanks. Missed the end of the show. BTW, can you post your email id/URL here?

  4. loved the pictures..

    needless to say that am a dog lover..

    i wish i could get prior info abt such shows....

    thanks for dropping by

  5. Beautiful.
    I dont like dogs much, but your pictures speak for themselves. I liked the expressions on most of them.
    Thanks for sharing.

  6. @ Swati, Thanks :)

    @ Gazal, Thanks. Will put the info prior the shows.

    @ D, Yes, it is :)

    @ Mampi, Thanks a lot :)

  7. wow!! it looks like so much fun!! and all the dogs are either very cute or dashing! :)



  8. Mama - Mia, It was fun :) The pug dog was the hero ofthe show :D


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