e-Filing returns

As all of us know, July 31st is the last date for filing returns for salaried income group. For those who haven't filed their retuns, can file them online.

Again, I am copying and pasting from a forwarded email.

Hi Everyone,

Now no need to worry about your Income Tax returns. No need to Pay 100 / 200 Rs. to any consultant for your income tax return. Govt. of india has made it very simple through the eFiling.

Follow the simple steps below and get the ITR Acknowledgement instantly.

1. Go to the site http://www.incometaxindia.govin/

2. Click on the link eFile-Income Tax Return (see snagit below) at the top-left of the home page.

3. Register yourself once with the help of your PAN No. You PAN No. will be your lifetime used Id for eFiling.

4. All salaried individuals need to submit ITR 1. To generate ITR 1 for eFiling, you need to use the following xls utility.

ITR 1 Utility

5. With the help of your Form 16, fill the details in the xls sheet above. Basically you need to upload all the data(salary,tax details) from your Form 16 to the xls sheet above.

6. Once the sheet is filled, click on the button Generate XML present on the sheet. This will generate a XML file based on the data filled in the ITR 1 form above. Save the file on your machine.

7. Now go back to the site once again and Log - In with the user id/ Passwd generated previously.

8. Click on the link Submit Return under A.Y. 2008-09 (see snagit below).

9. It will ask you to upload the xml file. Upload the xml file generated from the previous step.

10. Once the upload is successful, go to My Accounts->My Returns menu. Here you will get your digitally signed acknowledgement of ITR.

Check here for more info: https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/portal/index.jsp


Form 16/Salary Certificate should have a digital signature.

Happy e-governance :-)


  1. I had filed my Tax returns a few days back.....for we immigrants tax formalities are a bit complex here so i took the pain to go to a session and fill it out manually......but boyy when i recieved my tax returns of $1000, i forgot the wasted evening :)

  2. hey manasa, thanks for droppin bi my blog, how did u find it :)

  3. Maverick, $ 1000? party...

    Satish, Yup, quick and money saving :))

    Ashu, Found your blog on google reader :) Thanks for visiting my blog, too.

  4. hey what shd we do if you have digitally signed form 16. How will the gove that we have a digitally signed form 16.

  5. Anonymous, Unless you have a digitally signed Form 16, you can't do it online.

  6. I have digitally signed form 16, But how do we attach this to website or is there anyother procedure for it ?

  7. Just follow the instructions as mentioned here: https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/portal/index.jsp

    You have to generate an xml file and then upload it.

  8. Thanks Manasa for quick Reply,I have generated the xml and uploaded to the site . but how will they know that I have a digitally signed Form 16 .Do I need to do some extra steps?

  9. If you have Adobe Reader version 8, then it highlights the Digital Signature in Form 16. You need not worry about it.

  10. You are Awesome!!Thanks!!!


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