Easiest Rangoli

My parents were on vacation for a week and the maid had quit the job. It was my responsibility to take care of my home. During the course of time, I learnt many household chores.

Everyday, I would see the lovely Rangoli's drawn in front of everyone's house. I was thinking hard, what could be drawn for a week without repetition? I noticed each and every Rangoli for 2-3 minutes to understand its complexity. Once I noticed a Rangoli drawn without any dots. I tried this simplest design on a sheet of paper before I drew in front of the house.

PS: The quality of the pics are low and shown only for illustration.

Step 1:

Star Rangoli-1
Draw two triangles opposite to each other.
Step 2:

Star Rangoli-2
Draw an outline to both the triangles.
Step 3:

3Star Rangoli-3
Now, join the edges of all the lines.

Step 4:
Star Rangoli-4
Fill with your favorite colors.

Simple isn't it? :)
I call it Star Rangoli.


  1. Post a pic of the one in front of your house!

  2. How abt publishin a book...'365 different rangolis in as many days' :D how abt tryin the udupi rangolis...they seem fabulous!

  3. hi!

    guess its simple enough...but not for someone like me who has difficulty drawing a straight line. ;)

    Happy rangoli making to you!!!

  4. @ Sudipta, Someone grew suspicious. Hadn't clicked when I drew it in front of my house. Will surely click and post them Your Highness :P

    @ sarvamekam, Thanks for your idea. Publishing book? You gotcha wait for an year :D

    @ indicaspecies, Thanks :)

    @ pinku, Come on. Its not that hard. Am sure you'll be able to draw much better ones :)

  5. These look some beautiful...wonderfully done!

  6. wow..that's a cool one... you must also take part in some competitions... you would definitely get a place.. :)

    And also, thanks for teaching a simple one...I would try though, but would suggest it to my mom... :)

  7. Your rangoli maybe simple, but it will be superhit in Israel. It afterall resembles the Star of David.

  8. @ flyingstars, Thanks.

    @ Joel,Let me try a few good ones and I can participate better.

    @ Priyank, Never knew it was called Star of David, though I've seen it many places.

  9. Even I love making different Rangoli designs every year. This Diwali I am surely going to pick something from here. Lovely designs must say! Thanx for sharing.


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