Grow up!

I come across few situations or conversations which annoy me the most when friends or relatives or even neighbours commenting on someone's personal issues or bug you with their idiotic gossips or advices: "You know she was in a relationship with some other fellow too, OMG, how can she manage so many boyfriends...", "Why don't you buy a laptop? Its comes for less than 50k these days", "Why don't you do that, this...", "Its a right age for marriage, you must compromise! You see", blah, blah.. I wonder when will people grow up and stop bothering and blabbering about others! ..and focus on their own personality development?

During my school days, our Sankrit teacher had narrated a story:

In the earlier days, two Brahmacharis on their way back to Gurukul were crossing a river. The river was overflowing due to heavy rains and the duo stood at the banks of the river. A young beautiful girl also stood there to cross the river.

Since the river was overflowing, the girl had a difficulty in crossing the river. The first Brahmachari denys saying that it was against the rules of Brahmacharya, to touch a women or even think of her. While the second one on the humanitarian grounds, helps her cross the river as she sits on his shoulders.

On reaching the other side of the river, the girl gets down, thanks him and leaves the place. The first Brahmachari suspicious on his fellow companion argues: "You know you broke the rules. It is considered to be a sin to even touch a women. How could you do that?" His companion replies with a gentle smile:"Dear friend, all this time while crossing the river, she was only sitting on my shoulders. Now, by your words, its clear, She had been sitting in your mind."


  1. good one there...

    Society-well yeah! Thats what they call it, when no association actually prevails now and each one is after his own...

  2. d sinner, Welcome on board! Yes, very true.

    Kiran, Thanks :)

  3. Yeah, so right.
    Loved the story you quoted.

  4. Clearly you've been bothered enough! :)

    good story.. i love the stories and poems in Sanskrit i had in school! :)

  5. Mampi, Thanks :)

    The Listener, Welcome onboard, Thanks :)

    Sandeep, Sometimes, it does bother.

  6. wow... thats an awesome super short story ..

  7. Akshath, Thanks :)

    Arvind, Thanku, thanku :)


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