Playing in water

Scene 1: A small boy splashing water alone in the pond.
Playing in the water

Scene 2: He wakes up with the stone steps as support.
Getting up

Scene 3: He leaves the pond.

Sometimes, we think big and expensive stuffs make us smile or bring happiness. We thrive hard to make our dreams come true. At the same time, we forget that small things make us happy. Few things in life are priceless!

If you cannot be happy with small things, how can you be happy with big things? :)


  1. what a "first" post I discovered of urs...lovely photos...the boy's drooling :)

  2. i love the photos!
    i miss bangalore so much:(

    it looks like there is gold dust in the pond

  3. @ Chandni, He isn't drooling. He's just playing :)

    @ aliie, Glad you liked the pics. Yup, gold dust in the pond :)

  4. Lovely pics! Love the way the sunlight and shadow plays with the ripples in the water.

  5. Very cute pictures! It certainly made me smile.:)

  6. Loved the sequence, but then I always love the sequence of your pictures. You are unique in doing that.
    Where did you sit? My imagination is running wild. I can imagine you sitting atop a tree...

  7. aww that was lovely!! where were you, papparazzi? :D

  8. @ D, Thanks :)

    @ Indicaspecies, Glad you liked them :)

    @ Joel, Thanks :)

    @ Mampi, I am honoured by your compliments :) I was on the terrace and observing the little boy and clicked these pics in series :D

    @ Roop Rai, Thanks :)

  9. true true!

    what would life be without these small joys that bring biggest smiles! :)



  10. Beautiful photos, it bring me memories when I was a little boy and life was so easy and happy for me :-)


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