Saving Power

We, Bangaloreans, have been facing severe power cuts at random intervals. First, it was the petrol price hike followed by LPG prices reaching sky. Now, we are running out of electricity in the Silicon City.

The roads have been dug up which are still under construction. No idea when the potholes will be closed. And these power cuts in the night!! I carry a torch in my bag everyday such that it will be easy for me to walk home while coming back from work during the late evenings. Self-help is the best help :) Next time, you go out and if you are reaching home late in the evening, then do remember to take a torch with you because power-cuts are frequent.I received this mail as a measure to conserve the power. Hence, I am just copying and pasting it here. :)

Hi all,

As we all know that electricity is now not available in abundance and is becoming priced commodity.

Let us do our bit to save electricity.

Please follow below steps to hibernate your PC.

First Step:

Please hibernate your PCs to save electricity. Steps to enable hibernations are given as below.

This works in windows XP and above.

1] Go to start >> control panel >> Power settings.

2] Go to 'hibernate' tab and click on 'enable hibernation 'Once this is done, the PC will have a 'hibernate' option also when you shut down the PC. You can as well use the same instead of shut down.

3] Go back to control panel, scheduled tasks

4] Add a new scheduled task (right click à new scheduled task). Name it as Hibernate

5] Right click >> properties.

6] In the run option, copy paste the following

C:\WINDOWS\System32\rundll32.exe powrprof.dll,SetSuspendState

7] Check the Run only if logged on checkbox

8] Go to Schedule tab and schedule it to run on 'n' minutes of being idle

This can be added in every PC, then even if you are lazy to do a manual hibernate, it will automatically do the same if the system is idle for the specified number of minutes. All you need is to lock the PC and go home and start it the next day!:)

Second Step:

Let us all switch off the PCs and the main power switches before leaving for the day. If something needs to be executed in our absence after our EOD let us switch off the monitor and the main switch giving power to Desktop.

Third Step:

Let us switch off the fans and lights before leaving office if none are using them.

Fourth Step:

Let us follow electricity saving steps in our homes too.

Fifth Step:

Let us propagate this among our colleagues/friends/teams and increase the energy conservation and Power savings.

Thanks for your co-operation!!

I hope we can contribute little to save the resources :)


  1. The torch idea is great.
    And i admire your effort to help others save power through the hibernation idea.
    Hats off to you !!!

  2. I do hbernate my comp all the time. But since I have no ups (busted) I actually miss my chance to hibernate my comp...
    I get so damn pissed off when they cut the power when I am doing some work.

    I should better go get a new ups first..!

  3. nice post.. i doo hibernate my system... but not with schedular...
    best thing is to turn off the monitor whenever we are leaving from our desk...

  4. @ Mampi Thanks, I am honoured :D

    @ Joel Yup, annoying power cuts.

    @ Vijju, I do turn off the monitor and hibernate the system as well :)

  5. so true! one of my collaegues went to meet someone at BESCOM and he said we cant generate more electricy... the only way to have fewer power cuts is to SAVE electricity.

    i dont know when will we realise the importance of simple stuff!!

    great post!



  6. Abha, Welcome! Yes, Power cuts to save power.

    Thanks for aprreciation :)


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