CNN IBN on gtalk

Now you can receive news updates from CNN IBN right on your gtalk. Just add IBN alerts in your gtalk and receive updates even while you are offline.

me: help im: These are the keywords you can use:

top: Gets you all the latest stories from IBNLive
sports: Gets you all the latest sports stories from IBNLive
biz: Gets you all the latest business stories from IBNLive
ent: Gets you all the latest showbiz stories from IBNLive
search: Search IBNLive's stories (Example: "search Euro 2000")
subscribe: Shows you the ways in which you can subscribe to or manage alerts

had introduced sending and receiving updates via gtalk which conked off in mid-May and they haven't restored it.

Lets see, how far this feature introduced by IBN will maintain its charm!


  1. Cool! Lemme try. :)


  2. WOW!! Great tips 'N thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  3. Ash, Yes, it is!

    Mampi, I have tried it. Time for you to try it out :)

    Manoj, Sure. You must.

    Vishesh, Yep, it is.

    Aneesh, Thanks :)

  4. thats cool :) ..
    never knew about this..
    once heard that the sattelite or the thing what ever its name is , is sendign messeges to twitter directly from mars .. :P

  5. Arvind, Hehehe.. lol.. That's why gtalk for twitter conked off, huh?

  6. Why do we need updates on IM?
    Why can't we use browser?

  7. Sandeep, Rather than searching on the net, its more convenient to receive news on im just the way RSS feeds are used :)


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