I, finally watched this movie: Dashavataram last week. The media went ga-ga over the publicity of this movie. I had even received many forwarded chain mails praising the performance of the renowned South Indian actor, Kamal Haasan, how well he enacted the ten roles with different makeup in various situations.

When I sat and watched this movie, I couldn't even tolerate it for more than 45 minutes :( Though, Kamal Haasan wanted to make this movie a record, he couldn't patch up the flaws. The involvement of too many characters has also made it boring just the way - "Too many cooks spoil the broth". Asin's acting was not pleasing, either. Her way of speaking adds ghee to the fire.

When I heard: Dasavatharam, I imagined the story to be very mythological involving the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu since the movie starts with a story which happened 800 years ago with Rangarajan sacrificing his life for Lord Ranganatha before the King and the movie ends with Tsunami deserting lives of millions.

The movie could have been made much better. Sometimes, there wasn't any connection between the characters and were involved just for the sake. The makeup was not that impressive as in his earlier movies like Indian - Kamal plays the role of an aged man and Chachi 420 - he plays an aged strong woman(Remake of Tamil movie: Avvai Shanmugi which in turn is a remake of Mrs.Doubtfire) etc. I would say his earlier classical movies were excellent where he plays the role of classical dancer. The movies Swarna Kamalam and Saagara Sangamam won many awards.

Though, Kamal has potential to do better movies, its not reflected in this movie. Also read review on rediff.

EDIT: Note added on Aug 28: Also read the review by fellow blogger: here


  1. the movie was a disaster.. too long and and no nice plots..
    a story which is made just to occupy his 10 characters...
    ppl speak about chaos theroy and all but the movie doesn't show much about it.....
    people find it good when they hear something new thats what happened with dasavatharam..
    the word chaos theroy made the difference. .had it not been the case the movie would have been a sure disaster
    I dint like the movie anyway ,except the songs ofcourse..

  2. So, at the end of it, one should not go watch it? I am a fan of Kamal Hasan but I dont think I can digest too much of him in a few hours of viewing.

  3. Arvind, Yeah. It was waste of time and efforts ddoing this movie :)

    Mampi, This one's a bad one :(

  4. Is Indian same as Hindustani in which Kamal plays both father and son? I liked that movie. U know Chachi and the Tamil one are actually copies of Mrs.Doubtfire starring Robin Williams. Has this dashavataram been dubbed in Hindi?

  5. yeah I've heard really bad reviews for Dasavataram from friends tht I didnt dare to watch it. A friend said tht it was a mere showcase for Kamal Hasan where he played all the roles he ever wanted to play :)

  6. somehow i don't like over dramatic movies..

  7. Glad I read this review.I wont wastw my time trying to watch it! Used to like Kamal movies--that was a long time ago!

  8. hmm....i loved the movie...but ya the make up wasn't great 4 a few roles...but all in all it was pretty good....

  9. i dint c d movie neither do i want to!

  10. Reema, Yes. Indian is same as Hindustani. Yeah I know Chachi 420 is a remake of Mrs Doubtfire. Thankfully, Dasavatharam has not been dubbed into Hindi :))

    Maverick, Hehe. True.

    Sandeep, Me too :)

  11. PS, Welcome :) Few of this earlier movies were good. But this one isn't worth a watch.

    Vishesh, You are the only one saying this.

    Gunj, Good for you!

  12. One word to describe the movie " Its a absolute peice of CRAP". This actor called kamal hassan is in movie industry from last 35 years and doesnt know how to act. I wonder why he didnt play the role of Asin and Mallika Sherawat himself. That would've been one more record. Makeup was worst. As if they've some skin disease.

    If he wants to make records, He should eat 500 burgers or drive continously for 10 days without stopping on the roads of bangalore. This dinosaur kamal hassan should retire . I am really frustrated after watching this movie. I had to pay $16 TO WATCH THIS FREAK SHOW.

  13. well, if there was one thing i liked about the movie, as always, it was kamal himself. for the kind of attention he pays to detail - it is not funny. the dark skinned guy campaigning against sand mining for instance, had such a flawless accent u couldn't do that without work. the bad guy, with his quick movement, was as close as an indian could get to a hollywood baddie.

    interestingly, lots of people did not like asin. my take was that she was annoying, yes, which means she played her role well. :)

  14. Satish, I guess, you would have written a better review than me :)

    dharmabum, Overall, the movie was a crap, no wonder.


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