Friend forever

For the past one week, I had been receiving emails for Friendship week; forward it to so many people, if you get 5..10 back then you have ... friends. Well, I don't believe in forwarding chain mails and I detest the idea that someone is your friend only if he/she diverts the mail back to you.

At 12 'o clock, short messages starting pouring into my mobile phone. I was sleepy and read them only in the morning.

A couple of years ago, when we were in school or colleges, the hand-made friendship bands and greeting cards were widely exchanged among the circle of friends. And few close buddies would gift us keychains, earrings, dolls .... At that time, everybody religiously celebrated Friendship Day. The greeting cards had touching lines written with the glitter pens or sparklers.

I have carefully preserved them all these years. Though, I tried to burn a few when I fought with them, I just couldn't. There was a time, when Friendship day healed or repaired the relationship with the close friends when we finally spoke forgetting the previous quarrels.

Though, I did not sms, mail, scrap on orkut or even call up any of my friends this time, it doesn't mean I don't care them or I have forgotten them. They are always remembered and there are many ways of communication unlike a decade ago.

Likewise, I have always hated rating friends on Facebook or Orkut. Everyone is unique in their own ways and I just hate judging people or even saying he/she is my best friend. I will be there when they need me.

To all my friends

Now, only memories last. The sms can be easily deleted. But those hand-written greeting cards, those rose petals and leaves preserved in the notebooks, those bands bring nostalgic feeling.


  1. God one:) I too hate these chain mails. I can connect to those friendship bands, key chains and all..and of course, the hand written greeting cards. Especially after "Kuch Kuch Hoata Hai"..Friendship bands were a rage! :D And the "Cool" chain :D I used to have :D
    And hey, burning the greeting cards?? Oops! Nooooooo!!!!!

    And the below lines from your post:

    "Though, I did not sms, mail, scrap on orkut or even call up any of my friends this time, it doesn't mean I don't care them or I have forgotten them."

    Itz good that atleast you chose a medium like blog to express your affection to al your friens. Some people do not evn make an attempt! I think people are slowing losing the art of "expression"..I mean, no one would express ones feelings towards their friends these days. Good one! :) BTW, you have a good blog! I would keep visiting :)

  2. Nice Post Manasa. Judging friends by the number of emails they send or the number of chain emails they forward is a foolish way to evaluate. I used to have an orkut account but found it too much of a time wastage and something not meant for busy ppl like us.
    I also have the cards, the friendship notes, quotations I preserved over the years.

  3. good to see you growing up :) keep it up :P.

    And wish you a very happy friendship day !!

  4. i too don't like the idea of sending forwards..i dont like the whole idea of a friendship day.. friendship is something special and does it need a day to celebrate...
    nice post by the way .,. :)

  5. Manoj, Yep. Agree with you.

    Mampi, Now orkut is kinda waste of time.

    Satish, I am grown up, Uncle :P

    Arvind, I don't believe in such things, too :)


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