During the school summer vacations when I was less than ten year old, my mother took me to her native to visit her parents. It was this time of the year when all the aunts(my mother's sisters) used to visit along with their children. It was a family get together where all the ladies would bring gifts or were gifted by their loved ones. They would discuss their family matters etc. We, as little kids, would play in the back yard of the ancestral house. The house had a big well and sometimes we would try pulling the metal pots through the pulley.

During the early 90's, the television had hardly reached the remote towns in India. So no chance of watching cartoons at granny's house. Few of my cousins, both elder anf younger to me, played all sorts of games including Ring-a-ring-a-roses, hide and seek, choukabara (game of dice), aLugiLi mane(not sure what it is called in English) and so on. Some games were known by all of us and we learnt a few from others. We also had the hand-made dolls and the tiny plastic kitchen items in which we mixed water with sugar and drank :)

Quarrels among us for the same toys were common. Sometimes, I wanted my cousin's cute Barbie doll or I would cry wanting for some antique piece placed in my maama's living room showcase. Or it was vis-a-vis. But neither would happen.

                                                   Kaleidoscope using Photoshop.

One of my little cousin had a Kaleidoscope which she owned with pride. I, as a kid, was fascinated to see the unique patterns formed by the mirror pieces each time we rotated. I wanted it, but she wouldn't give!

Using Adobe Photoshop while editing an image, I created a Kaleidoscope pattern. Last weekend, I was watching a movie in which the hero of the movie roams and finally manages to bring a Kaleidoscope for his love which she preserves till the end. After watching this movie, I am motivated to buy a Kaleidoscope but unable to find them anywhere :(

I tried to build it on my own reading this link, but the process is complex. Or has anyone tried doing it on your own?

Does anyone know where is it sold here in Bangalore?


  1. I have never seen a kaleidoscope :(
    does anyone know where i can find it in chennai ???

    nice pic :)

  2. wow beatiful image...have a really small one at home right now :P ...no clue where you can get in B'lore for i live in Chennai :P

  3. my SIL who stays in B'lore had sent one for my son from there. She had bought it in a kids store which sells birthday party stuff.

    And yes, they were so much fun!! I played with it more than my son! He was too busy breaking it apart to see whats in it :D

  4. Ahh the wonder of the kaleidoscope!! I have one too but in my city we get it at fairs. No fancy shops keep them. My dad had once made it when we were kids.

  5. you could check a shop called sutradhar( its an ngo, google them and you will get their add.)

    you will find many lovely toys, some from one's childhood that seem to have vanished from the market.

  6. :)

    dont you wish you could have it all?? even Cubby got a l'il one as return gift from one budday party! but it wasnt really good!

    i remember all of us putting our heads together to make it for my bro's craft lessons, but my contribution was minimal!! :P

    leme see if i can find it anywhere and i will pick it up for ya! :D



  7. i got to apperciate the pic..
    great symmetry :)

    making it on comp virtually is easier than a real one? :D

    making it can be fun.. but not luck to have such time luxury :)


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