Of remakes and perfection

I was in class 6 when I watched this Malayalam movie: Manichitrathazhu. Though, I did not know Malayalam language, I was able to follow this movie and watched it on some channel at home. The movie was released in the year 1993. The lead role was played by actress Shobana who is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer. This movie is one my favourites. Remember, language should never be a barrier. The story line of the movie being Shobana suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder and concludes with her chopping the head of dummy toy whom she thinks is a king and recovers from the disorder. Shobana also won Best Actress Award for this movie.
Following the success of this movie, remakes were done in several languages including Kannada (Aaptamitra), Tamil(Chandramukhi), Telugu(Chandramukhi) and Hindi(Bhool Bhulaiyaa). Though, the movie was a flop in Hindi due to the flaws in direction, it was a major hit in Kannada and Tamil.
In Kannada, the lead role was played by Late Soundarya in Aaptamitra (year 2004) which was her last movie and was released after her death. Though, Soundarya wasn't a trained Bharatanatyam dancer, her performance was fabulous. The reason I liked these two songs is because of the fast beats. Though, Chandramukhi has the same song in the ending, it was too slow and did not amuse me much.
The Bharatanatyam dance video of the original movie: Manichitrathazhu

The Bharatanatyam dance video of Aaptamitra

I watch them many times in my iPod :)


  1. oh...simply lovely viewing them....perfection & dance & creativity at its best...just wonderful!

  2. ha i loved the origial song :) and the dance too :)

  3. hey thanks for sharing this..i have just seen chandramukhi always wanted to see the song in the original malayalam version :)
    i dint expect the song to be in tamil

  4. flyingstars, Yes, it is.

    Vishesh, I like both :)

    Arvind, Welcome :)

  5. Music is good..
    ironical to have a telugu song in a Tamil and kannada movie :)

    Was the movie dubbed in telugu? in what language is that song in that?

  6. Sandeep, The Tamil movie-Chandramukhi was dubbed in Telugu. Not sure of the lyrics of the song.


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