A season of flowers

August is a month of flowers when the sepia leaves shed and the fresh flowers bloom. Every year, the horticulture department organize the Flower Show at Lalbagh twice an year at Bangalore. Once during the Republic Day and Independence Day. The Flower Show was open to the public on Saturday noon from 3pm onwards.

Lalbagh is a well-known botanical garden. This time, they have come up with their own website for the Flower show: http://lalbagh.org/ . The Flower Show is open till August 17th from 9am - 6pm. The entrance ticket is Rs 30. The ticket e-booking facility is available here and the route map here.   

I have been a regular visitor to Lalbagh during the Flower Shows. Last year, it was Taj Mahal. I was here, today morning at 7am. Though, it was drizzling in the morning, I was able to capture the lovely flowers many of which I don't know the names.

Flower Chariot
 Chariot made of flowers. An imitation of the Stone Chariot at Hampi.

Kannada Poets 
Kannada Poets carved on the vegetables.

Ugra Narasimha
An imitationUgra Narasimha at Hampi

Strawberry at the entrance of Glass House

Flower Guitar
Guitar made of Flowers.


                                                                    Star like flower

Spider Lily
                                                                            Spider Lily

Quack Quack
                                                                    Duck swimming in the pond
More pics: here

Now hurry up and don't miss the show :)

Flower shows of yester years: Jan 2008, August 2007 and Jan 2006


  1. Nice pics, esp of the guitar i couldn't get the right perspective coz the crowd..

    should have caught up with you!
    never mind, may be in some other bws shoot :)

  2. Wow!!!! Love the pics. I so wanna go to such a flower show!

  3. The pics are lovely. Thanks for sharing them here.

  4. Sandeep, Thanks. You gotta be an early bird to capture good shots :)

    Reema, Thanks. You must visit the show :0

    Mampi, Thanks :)

    ~nm, Thanks :)

  5. Oh, wow...some simply exquisitely captured shots...beauty at its best...simply Awesome!

  6. wow...wonderul! Lalbagh, in general, is such a good park. lots of greenery! :)


  7. these are really nice..
    the last time i went to the flower show about 5 yrs back, i hated the crowds and the claustrophobic feeling

  8. churningthewordmill, Thanks :)

    flyingstars, Thanks a lot :)

    Manoj, Yep. Loads of greenery :))

  9. amazing pictures!! will have to follow the links and see more!!

    awesome...I am tempted to go attend some!

  10. Sneha, Usually, it gets crowded after 10:30 or 11 in the morn. Its always better to be there as early as possible.

    Chandni, You must see them :)

  11. lovely pictures! One of them is not loading :) Be careful for flickr changing their API's without warning.

  12. oh I forgot you are not on a private domain. Flickr should be okay :)

  13. :)

    i went this year for the first time and totally loved it!

    lovely pics!



  14. final_transit, Thank you. Had uploaded a pic n later deleted it. Hence, the pic isn't appearing.

    Mama-mia, Glad you liked them :)

  15. Lovely pictures. I didn't know about it happening in India till I saw this. :)

    I have been to Keukenhof garden of Amsterdam though.


    Thanks for sharing the photos.

  16. What a fantastic use of flowers. I have never seen before. All the pics are soo clear. I really like the work you did. Keep going on..

  17. Your work is fantastic. What a great idea..pictures are so beautiful.. Good photography dear..


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