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I sometimes wonder, what makes a country strong: is it the huge buildings, posh roads,  etc or the strong wise men to build a nation? Is it not that both the former and latter are equally essential? Is it so the former can be  accomplished only if we have the latter ones??? The latter ones say that there is no reason to be here since there is no career and recognition for merit. The latter ones remember that they once belonged to this land and come back when their kids begin to grow up in a foreign land. As for me, just because the neighbouring house aunty is modern and gorgeous, I can't stay at her house as a guest for a long time and can't love her as much as I love my mother. No matter how ever my mother is, I love her and the love is eternal.

On thursday morning, while I was stuck up in a traffic jam as usual, my attention was caught by the two little kids aged around 10-12 years who were asking the car owners or the bike riders at the traffic signal to buy the tricolor flags or the badges. But nobody even bothered to look at them. I was watching this through the window of the bus which was far away from those kids. Many people speak of abolishment of child labour and lengthy speeches on it, if they are so concerned why wouldn't they help those kids by buying a flag/badge which would cost them less than Rs 10/- or did they think it was a waste of money buying them? The child wasn't begging or stealing. He had chosen a path of decent living.

At office, grand celebrations went on in the evening which included cultural dances and finally concluded by National Anthem. All of us stood up, no matter we were eating or hurrying for the bus. There was some sort of oneness to which all of us are bound to.

For those people, who work on daily wages. Those who sustain eating once a day or thrive with hunger for days together, who don't even have voters card nor a shelter to protect them, it was just another day in their life.

Janani janmabhoomisch, Swargadapi gariyasi (the mother and motherland are dearer than heaven)


  1. I'm highly critical of people who jump on the first opportunity to go to the West just for the sake of it and then are ignorantly lash out at their home countries. But what is this post about? One of our problems with child labor is that we fail to accept it. Rather than trying to curb child labor which will never succeed, efforts must be made to regulate it, recognize it and leverage it. Child abuse is not the same as child labor, however most of the times they seem to go together. As regards buying tricolor flags, I am highly opposed to the idea because if people buy flags casually, they are almost definitely likely to throw them away on the street casually. It pains me a lot to see flags strewn around on 16-August or 27-January. Sorry for the long comment :)

  2. Obviously, we are neither sensitized towards child labour, nor are we sensitized towards the value of our national flag. However, my opinion is that it is time we started taking both the things in their own stride. Especially the Tri-colour issue.

  3. Its quite true that Independence day or Republic Day or British rule or freedom holds no value for the people who struggle daily to get 2 square meals. Its just another day for them to earn some money by selling flags like selling roses on V day.

  4. final_transit, People throw the flags on the roadside once they are done with their work.Its sad to see that.

    Mampi, Yes, true.

    Reema, Yep. On 61th I-day, we have hardly achieved anything!

  5. Hmmm..
    Quite a lot has changed since Independence.. but there sure is a lot of scope for improvement.

    Have you watched Kannada movie 'America America'?
    I remember a dialog in that movie which almost exactly talks about our country with reference to our own mother v/s some rich mom

  6. Sandeep, Nope, haven't watched America America.


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