I was put into a new project in a new team with entirely different set of people whom I knew little. As time passed on, my acquaintance grew much better with them. Though, I knew most of them, I wasn't much closer or shared personal matters with any. Few things I knew about the senior teamates were the existing facts which others also knew-how old they were in this team or company, if they were married or not, where they resided and nothing much personal was ever disclosed.

My acquaintance with my teamate, R~, grew stronger. R~ was an year senior to me in age and the team as well and she would board the same bus in which I travelled. R~ became closer to me, she would share her personal experiences. I would rather say, R~ was more a friend than a colleague. Soon, R~ introduced me to another senior member of the team, J~, who was senior to both of us.

Once, R~ invited J~ and me to join her for the tea and evening snacks. Three of us would meet for tea, everyday. J~ was a new person to me and so I was. Hence, I restricted myself to talking only the project related stuffs. No sooner, J~ also began opening her mind, her journey in life. She had a little angel who was just two year old and was taken care by her parents in her native town. One fine day, I learnt her life.

She was married to a post-graduate engineer who was ambitious of pursuing doctoral studies, though he worked for one of the best companies and had a well paid job, it couldn't stop him from taking up the thesis. J~ convinced and motivated her husband that she can run the family alone and he shouldn't give up his hope so easily. She was carrying when her husband quit his well paid job. Her husband was a major son and also a bread winner of the family of four: her father-in-law who was retired and no longer worked, her brother-in-law who was still a student. Behind every successful man, there is always a woman. How true!!!

A few months later, her FIL fell ill and the medical expenses reached as high as 1.5 lakh. Having no money on hand, they were completely under debts. Yet, J~ did not lose hope and did not allow her husband to give up his studies, either. After her baby was born, she had to leave her under her parents care.
When she finished telling this, I was lost in deep thoughts. How difficult it might have been to leave her daughter miles away. The moments she wished to hear her daughter utter first words, the glimpse of her laughter, holding her tiny soft fingers when she might start to walk.

As a wife, she brought in the confidence in her partner to achieve his goal. As a daughter-in-law and sister-in-law, she had done the needful to her family. Her support to the family was magnanimous.

Though, J~ had faced so much at such a young age, she would never crib over it or boost of her deeds. She would say - Cribbing makes the problem more worse and bigger than it is. Her deeds spoke of selflessness. A courageous lady with a smiling face. 

Last friday, she quit the job. I wish her the best endeavours in life.


  1. what a brave women ..thanks for sharing this ..
    There are lots of women like this in our society ... feels really good ...

  2. J~ is the ultimate woman of grit. My compliments for her. May God bless her with everything that she stands for and even more.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. wow! some woman! It makes me wonder if any man would have done so much for his wife's future studies.

  4. Arvind, Thanks. There are many such people around us :)

    Vishesh, :)

  5. Mampi, J~ is a great woman. I will wish her on your behalf. Thanks :)

    Reema, Even I wonder, if any man would sacrifice so much for his wife.

  6. A very determined, inspiring and a hardworking lady for sure.What a wonderful person.
    I wish her luck.

  7. I wish J~ and her family all the very best! :)
    Why did she quit, btw??

  8. This was so touching! It needs a heart of gold to do so much for others and a heart of stone to be able to leave the fruit of your womb so far away!

  9. wow!!! in today's world of in-law bashing J seems like out of the world. To do so much for them and not even complain seems really commendable. My best wishes for her and her family.
    Hope they stay like this ever. An example to others.

  10. d sinner, Yes, she is!

    PS, I will convey your wishes to her :)

  11. mirrorcracked, She quit for a better career :)

    Satish, I hope, too.


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