Tomato soup for...

Its been a long weekend for me. Four continuous days resting at home due to cold, cough, head ache and sore throat. On thursday night, having attended my cousin's wedding reception which had yummy ice cream, chats, paan and ask what not! Though, it was not a perfect weather for ice cream, I ate it heartfull.

Tomato soup

Head ache, cough, sneeze and sore throat are the best companions which cannot live without each other. Though, I am taking medicines, they are reluctant to leave me alone! The climate is so chill that it drives me to sleep..yaawn! This evening, after sipping the steaming tomato soup with pepper and salt already added by Knorr, it was a great relief from those uninvited guests!

Now, I am ready to attend office tomorrow!


  1. Oh I didnt know you were sick. I know how it is with these cough cold and other allied sicknesses.
    If you are a non-veg, you could try chicken soup also. That would make the recovery faster. But tomato soup is also good.

  2. Looks yummy!! That's the benefit to being sick, right? Hope you are better now.

  3. Yum! :)
    I prefer chicken soup, but I dunno if you're a veggie or a non-veggie... LOL...

  4. tell me about it!

    i have been having soup AT work rather than coffee!! hope the cold goes away!!

    me had icecream too! :(



  5. Get well soon...I too was suffering from same and had icecream twice on sly which has now prolonged my cough. :(

  6. Wow ..i love tomato soups ..i feel knorr's recipe should have a bit more of salt and pepper :P

  7. i remember leaving a comment, don't see now!!

    anyway.. hope you are fine..

  8. Mampi, Veggie, I am. I love Tomato soup :)

    Solitaire, Thanks. Much better now :)

    Mirrorcracked, Veggie!

    Mama-mia, Hehe.. i have been drooling over tomato soup than coffee.

  9. Vishesh, lol for what??

    Reema, :(

    Arvind, Hehe.. so that I burn my mouth huh? ;)

    Sandeep, You didn't leave a comment here. Yeah, much better now :)

  10. The soup looks tasty... infact thats my only proved medicine against bad throat..

  11. ooooh knorr soups are soooooo good. :)) i hope u are better now. i know it's late. :D

  12. Nandish, Infact-the best medicine :)

    roopscoop, I'm better now. Thanks!


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