Blog addiction and subscription

I have been using Google Reader for a long time. In fact, I have been reading more and more of blogs: be it tech blogs, foodies, designers, humorous ....  Many of them are on my google reader and a few which I subscribed via email from Feedburner. To be frank, I am reading blogs than I read a book or magazines or even news paper.

Past a month, I've subscribed to so many RSS feeds that my google reader has lost the exact count and shows 1000 +. Due to the lack of time, I have been unable to read many. But I'm sure I can read them all one fine day :) Earlier, I had a blog roll on this blog. But now, its hard to fit in all the blogs in a single blog roll. Hence, I've chosen to stick to the google reader and feedburner :)

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  1. I m also thinking of removing my blog roll cuz I read more than I have shown there.

  2. i am subscribed to 250+ blogs @ my GR and I do keep reading almost all of them :) yeah, addicted to the ease of use of GR...

  3. LOL....

    technology now a headache :D

    even I subscribed to amny...but not as many as urs :)

    and nw dnt have time to read it :((

  4. Hmmm.. I don't use the readers..
    I'll remember most of the blogs i want to read, and since i frequent them their URL will be in browser history.
    This'll also avoid 1000+ blogs that you can't follow :)

  5. I think I need to explore google reader too. I, for now have bookmarked some blogs that i didnt blogroll.
    And manasa, you are not alone. I also have to purposely drag myself away from blogs to get hold of a book and read it.

  6. I think I'm going to be there soon!

  7.! i am way 115 :P

  8. Good.
    I never had a blogroll. Directly on the reader. It is more convenient for me.

  9. And to think I'm subscribed to not only posts of the 75+ blogs but their comments as well. You should see my GR. hahaha! I thought I was the only one. :D

  10. oh my GOD

    I die reading just 50 unread posts :P
    how do u mange these many

  11. Well I too use Google Reader but I keep on marking them as Read to create space for new ones and discard the old and unwanted stuff...


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