Copyright Infringement

How do you feel when the content published on your blog is stolen by somebody without your prior permission? One of my blog post was stolen and published by this person on his blog without my permission.
Snap shot of post stolen
The comment made by me 
Though, I commented on the blog, I haven't received any response so far nor my blog-post has been removed. Hence, I'm publishing it here.

I hold the copyright of both the textual and non-textual contents published on my blog. I even have the Creative Commons License below which clearly mentions that Non-Commercial No Derivative Works. I guess, the terms like Copyrights, Patents and IPR have no weight-age in our country and valid only in US or European countries.

© Manasa. All rights reserved.


  1. Hello Manasa,
    This guy did mention that he copied it from your blog(Article copied from Manasadreamz blog).. Read the title of his blog.He has it there. So he atleast attributed it to your blog

  2. Manasa, it is a terrible thing to happen.
    Yes, the person has attributed it to you, no doubt. Did you check the rest of his articles, if they are original or copied just like this?

  3. Anonymous, This person never asked my permission before publishing on his blog. Just because the person attributes, it doesn't mean he has done a fair job. Why can't he write things on his own?

    And what about the copyrights that I have? Someone attributes and copies them without informing , is a copyright violation.

    Mampi, Yes, a terrible thing. Attribution has violated the copyright. Will have to check out his blog if they are original or not.

  4. i have no idea how it all works, copyright and what not - but i wouldn't want to believe in it. after all, if something is good, then it rather be copied, no?

    look at the vedas, for instance - nobody really claims to have written / created it - they are a whole lot of thoughts that just 'came' to people. looking at it that way, which thought is original, really?

    the 'about me' in the copiers blog seems pretty ceedy, so i guess u'd rather not worry ;)

  5. Hmmm Maybe he isnt aware that he isnt meant to copy just like that. His intentions dont seem to be wrong!

  6. yuck! how did he copy when you have deactivated the right click?

  7. I have commented on that guy's post asking him to remove the post.

  8. I know it is very frustrating.
    But this guy looks very harmless. He must've done this without knowing. I am sure once he reads your post or reads your comments in his copied post. He will remove it.

  9. Hey, I do not have an account on here, am on livejournal, and chanced upon your blog. I totally agree its extremely frustrating but this person at least wrote its been copied from your blog. My whole profile was copied by someone who refused to acknowledge her deceit, and best part was, she even copied bits in a different language-Dutch!! And despite protests by my friends, she had the audacity to call over 100 persons liars. Security issues are a concern on the net, how do you protect your works? I prefer lj, at least I can make my posts friends only or private. Hope it gets resovled soon!

  10. thats sad..
    no body cares for license these days.. plagiarism is high these days,,
    there are many blogs whihc do nothing but copy our content..
    my content has been used many times :P
    anyways i dont mind even they copy..:D
    so never copyrighted anything.
    i think that guy doesn't know what plagiarism is..

  11. I think his intention was not that harmful.

    I don't think we can do much about it except for telling him. I, myself have been victim of plagiarism many times for my poems & articles.
    Things like creative commons etc don't work in real life of web. :)

    What we(myself & my readers) at my blog do & it generally works is to go to his blog & ask/scold/scare him for doing such things like you yourself did.

    Ask your readers to comment on his post instead of showing sympathies with you here.

    Second, go to all his readers's blogs & comment there as well citing his deeds.

    Third, since his post is on blogger, write to about this. Sometimes they ban the blogger from blogging further.

    The possibility is that he might remove the post after so much of humiliation.

    In my case, it worked. The person removed all the copied poems (there were many) and photos and publically apologized on my blog.

    You can read here

    and here

    All the best!

  12. oops! terrible. But copyright infringement is an issue all over, not only in India.

  13. Hey I think the person added this line now.."Article copied from Manasadreamz blog"..!

  14. I think that guy has not done anything against the license you display below. There is no requirement in your license to get your permission - it only asks for attribution.

    That said, CC is just a namesake, but holds good for argument purposes :)

  15. Yes i too remember , couple of times my songs too have been downloaded from soundclick and have been used. Although I dont care and I have even left that option open coz many a times one cant listen directly. If atleast they were attributed I wud hav been pleased but to carry a name in front of them. Its really a shame.

  16. Hi Manasa...... Sorry for the belated response.I apologize U for copying your article without your prior permission. But I have mentioned clearly that it is copied from your blog.... I copied your article just to share good things.. I believe sharing the good things is the purpose of any blog... I have deleted the article of you( Its a matter of Trust)....
    Once again sorry for that....
    Take Care..

  17. dharmabum, Would your teacher keep quiet if you copy from others paper during exams?

    All that available on the net is not free. You need to have prior permission from the original author before you use them.

  18. Nova, He had also put CC license. He must be aware it.

    Vishesh, Print screen, may be :)

  19. Reema, Thanks for the support :)

    satishds, Yes, it is. Now he has apologised and removed the post.

  20. Anonymous, Oh. That's sad.
    Even blogger provides "invite only" to the people we select.

    arvind1187, You shouldn't keep quiet. The more you're quiet, the more they take you for granted.

  21. Cuckoo, Thanks a lot. It was of much help.

    Manoj, Yeah, it is. But he has copied the whole content without my consent.

  22. final_transit, The disclaimer also says that none of the contents on this blog should be published without my consent.

    PARRY, That's sad. Didn't you take up any action against it?

  23. Naveen_an_INDIAN, Welcome again. If you want to share, provide the link; not copy the whole stuff. And please don't repeat this again.

  24. roop rai, Yes, it is. But people don't understand.


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