Google Chrome

Google, the god, sent one more messenger: Google Chrome. For people like me, who always relied on Google for my engineering projects and even for the smallest source of information, I have trusted and worshiped Google more than God :D

Google officially launched the web browser on 2nd Sep. I have downloaded the browser and exploring its features. Like all other google applications, Chrome is also in beta version.

Snapshot of Google browser
For the past few years, I have been using Firefox, another open source browser, which provides the needful and most preferred compared to Internet Explorer, Opera. Though, I downloaded Safari from Apple, AOL, I vote for Firefox when compared to the features it provides. Flock is another browser which promised to provide such features, but nothing can beat Firefox.

The Chrome browser does not support the Adobe Flashplayer and lacks many features, hence in beta stage. Add-ons are not yet available.

It can be downloaded from here . Google developers have shared their experiences on their blog. Also, try to access gmail on Chrome.

Scott McCloud, the famous cartoonist, came up with comics on this. Read the comics here and here

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  1. I heard there is some crash problem in Google Chrome? But everyone is raving about it. Have to download and see. Good post.

  2. i am using firefox now..
    but chrome seems good for a new release//will use it with furhter updates :D

  3. Vishesh, me too :P

    Reema, Yup. Doesn't detect the phishing n other malicious sites.

    Mampi, For the time being, Firefox is better.

    Arvind, Don't know if google will ever release the final version or not :)


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