Me cartooned


On 16th Sep, Tuesday, there were several stalls put at office. One of them was caricature. I was so amused seeing the cartoons by the caricaturist that I just couldn't stop from getting mine done. Meanwhile, I dragged my friend and in less than ten minutes, our cartoons were ready on the cardboard and laminated. :) We don't look exactly the same but it was fun seeing us-"cartooned".

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  1. he he ..nice ....
    u know what last 3 hours are so i was trying to make a cartoon of my pic. .. :P
    unsuccessful till now

  2. Oye, this looks lovely,,, you look lovelier.
    You are inspiring me to put up my caricature too,
    that good artists from my uni made about 15 years back.

  3. cartoon without a line?

    i'd wanna add.. 'Why so grim?'
    Hey aditi hass de tu zaraa :D

  4. :-D looks nice.. and teh one in teh car reminds me of teh song from sholey... ye dosti.. ham nahi...

  5. very cool! we had got one made at forum once! while he did M's face really well, he totally scrwed up mine!!

    but he didnt forget to observe a l'il detail that i am taller than M, making M quite grumpy! :p

    this ones nice!!



  6. Reema, :)

    Arvind, hehe.. you shouldn't give up so easily :P

    Mampi, Thank you :) Now I wanna see yours :))

    Vishesh, ;)

  7. Sandeep, hehe.. okies :)

    --xh--, Oh.. I hadn't noticed that at all :)

    Mama-mia, haha.. Show me your cartoon :)

    Cuckoo, Thank you :)

  8. Chakoli, Thanks :)

    Manoj, Thanks :)

    Solitaire, :D yeah..

  9. oh cool! looks like you work at Infy!!! :) another Infy blogger to my list! :)

  10. Mujhe bhi banwanee hai!! Mujhe bhi!Mujhe bhi!!


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