Rock On-Jhankaar Beats

Rock On: The latest movie on the box office produced by Farhan Akhtar, who also plays the lead along with Arjun Rampal, Luke Kenny and Purab Kohli. This is the first time I am watching the person behind the screen-Farhan Akhtar: director of the hits like Dil Chahta Hai and Lakshya, on screen.

The movie kicks of with Farhan's wife, Prachi Desai, unhappy that her husband isn't paying enough attention to her. She discovers the fact that her workaholic husband was a music freak a decade ago, during his college days had were a band of four- Farhan(Aditya Shroff) singer and lyricist, Arjun(Joe) as guitarist, Purab(Kedar Zaveri aka KD, Killer Drummer) as drummer and Luke(Rob Nancy) on keyboard. The band was called--Magik since the tunes played by Rob and lyrics by Aditya had a magical effect. The band had broken up long time. Her efforts not only re-unites the four buddies but also heals their relationship.

The story is not only about rock music, it is also about the bonding, the trust and faith among them. How the four of them re-unite for a concert and win, after a long span of ten years. Though, the music (by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy) is completely rock with Hindi lyrics, the movie is definitely a worth watch. Two songs which I liked: title track-Rock On and the remix of Saason ki zaroorat hai jaise, sung during Dandiya. Needless to say, Farhan's curly hair with hair band and Arjun's long hair drove me crazy :D

This movie also reminds me of the famous Jhankaar Beats which was released in the year 2004. If you've seen Jhankaar Beats, you will notice the similarities and differences between the two movies.

If you liked Jhankaar Beats, I am sure, you will like Rock On, too :)

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  1. Hmm, so dekhni padegi yeh wali movie?

  2. Yes, Rock on is very similar to Jhankar beats.
    I found farhan akthar's vocals quite interesting. As a rock fan i was very impressed with the vocals of the guy singing "Zehreeley".

  3. heard so many reviews.. will watch it soon :)

  4. U loved it ...even I did...
    and KD was really killing :DD

    Chakoli :))

  5. got to watch it .. everyone has seen the movie ..except the commentors here :P

  6. Watched rockon, its a good movie except that you see hints of DCH and jhankar beats written all over it.

  7. so much about this movie! :)

    smitten by farhan eh ;)

  8. Mampi, Haan ji. Dekhni padegi aapko :)

    Satish, I liked them all.

    --xh--, Watch it soon.

  9. Vishesh, Watch it soon.

    Chakoli, KD is good *wink*

    Arvind, hehe.. watch it dude...

  10. Anu, Glad you liked the movie. Yes, one can see tits n bits of DCH n Jhankaar Beats.

    Sandeep, heheh..

    Reema, Me too :)


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