Secret Ingredient

I watched the movie: Kung Fu Panda today. The movie is an animation with perfection. The story is all about a panda: Po, dreaming of being a Kung Fu warrior by defeating Tai Lung(another Kung Fu warrior). Po is an expert noodle cook like his father.

One fine day, Po is selected as  Dragon Warrior and his journey begins in learning Kung Fu. His master, Shifu, dislikes Po like the other students and want Po to quit. But, Po doesn't give up so easily. He is constantly bullied as fat bellied, stinking...

Shifu's master dies and as a new master, he is left with no other choice rather than supporting the Kung Fu fanatic, Po, as the successor. Shifu teaches his best to him. Having learnt a good deal of the martial art, Dragon scroll is handed to Po in which he finds his reflection and nothing as he expects. Disheartened Po, now comes to his father. His father reveals that there was no special ingredient added in the noodle soup. It was the way he presumed that made it special. Having realized the ultimate truth, Po runs to rescue his master and defeats Tai Lung(a well learnt Kung Fu warrior who once loast the chance of being Dragon Warrior).

The ending was awesome. Po holds his enemy's paws just the way his master-Shifu once held his paws threatening him to quit or else he would see the end. When Tai Lung, the tiger, asks him if Shifu taught this? Po says: "No". Likewise, there are several things which wouldn't have been taught by our teachers at school or parents at home. Few are learnt only by careful observation and analysis. Just the way few students score high marks in the toughest question papers during exams. Many answer to the direct quests but correct answer to the trickiest question make them unique which others wouldn't have answered or even tried to just because they weren't taught in the class.

Apart from being portrayed as an animation movie, it has a moral, too :)


  1. lol added to my list of to be watched :P

  2. Oh I simply loved the movie!! Here is my take on it

  3. Did you know that the athletes in USA were asked to watch this movie before going to olympics :) So that, their self confidence is boosted and also gives an insight into Chinese culture.

  4. good entertainment... :)
    i have seen this 2 times.. not in theater though :D

  5. Tagged-that is you.
    Pick it up from my page please.

  6. Waiting to see this movie. Since I missed it in theatres shall watch it on the DVD one day..soon hopefully :)

  7. hey!!

    nice post...and though I had been meaning to catch the movie...u have now added to the quest.

  8. Vishesh, :)

    Reema, Will read it sometime for sure!

    Satish, Woow.. That sounds interesting. Never knew about it.

    Arvind, I watched it only once not in a theatre, though :)

  9. Mampi, Sure. I will.

    ~nm, I am sure you will love this movie :)

    Pinku, Watch it n tell us how you liked it.


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