Sepia Leaves

It was by mistake, I bought this book: Sepia Leaves by Amandeep Sandhu, instead of Sepia Tones. Having bought this book, I decided to read it just for the sake that I had bought it.

The first fifty pages were damn boring and one may keep it aside. Later, the story picks up a steady phase and I just couldn't keep the book down.

A young 9 year old boy, Appu, grew up seeing his parents constant quarrel. His mother whom he calls-Mamman, had been suffering from the disease-Schizophrenia and thus, the root cause of causing problems and frequent fights with not only his father, whom he calls-Baba, and others too. The arrival of his surrogate mother make matters much worse. He had never seen his parents talking to each other with calmness or affection. The whole town of Rourkela having knew about his mother's disease and the entire family matter. His neighbours and the whole town pity this young boy. He could neither stand others pitying him nor calling his mother-pagli or mad.

When his mother's quarrelling due to her illness became intolerable, his father admits Appu to the hostel for studies and Appu mother at her father's place. Soon, Appu is ragged by his hostelmates and dislikes being there... and the trio unite as a family :)

Overrall, the book is a good read. Fights among parents affect a child's mindset tremendously. This book is all about a child who missed his mother's love due to her illness and fights. As a child, he had never seen their parents together in any circumstances. Though, they stayed together under a single roof, the distances were miles apart.

A child not only needs parents care; their love and affection; a child also wants the parents together as a family.

Cost: Rs 195/-
Publisher: Rupa and Co.
ISBN: 9788129113702

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  1. hmm.....any ebooks available ?? :P

  2. Some of the best books I've read were bought by accident... :)
    I'll read this one.. Good review!

  3. hmm.. never heard about this but it sounds good :)

  4. Well said....Seems like a good book...hope to read it in the future...
    Also commented on The Secret Annex

  5. schizophrenia is horrible, and i would go to the extent of saying it is worse than the worst physical ailments. bad the for sufferer, worse for those around. i know, i have seen people from close quarters suffer.

  6. seems good. but kinda sounds a bit depressing, like "god of small things"

  7. havnt heard of it..and seems like it is slow to pick up the pace - will keep this one in my mind for the rainy days... :)

  8. LOved your last line...
    its just not parents but together as a family is important and precious :D

  9. Thank you, I was maybe egosurfing, actually looking for another blog and stumbled upon your review. I hope in my next book the first fifty pages are not boring :) - Aman

  10. ooh i see aman has commented as is. i came here to write that i read the unedited version of this book a while back. i know a friend of aman's who had it ... and yes, 5 pages into it, i was quite bored as well. am glad u ventured 50 pages into it :) and found a treasure. evidence that patience is worth it. ;p


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