Vodafone keychain :)

Vodafone keychain :), originally uploaded by ~manasa~.
Vodafone Essar has introduced new scheme of gifting the subscribers with the post-paid connection during the bill payment by card or card mode.

I got this cute keychain last month and couldn't stop myself from clicking it. I love collecting keychains and this added to my keychain stock.

Just thinking when will they gift a pug dog :)

I luv Vodafone :D

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Reading for egghams

Reading for egghams, originally uploaded by ~manasa~.
CAT visits every November. Not only students, even working professionals do appear for CAT conducted by the IIM. Since most of them will be busy breaking their heads preparing hard. Wishing you all the best for egghams in advance :P

Pic by me.

Edited on 31st Oct to add: I'm not preparing nor appearing for CAT. 

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My online cloud...!

A couple of years ago, my father was gifted a beautiful diary, elegant pen, a stylish time piece and the required stationary during a product launch. It was a usual practice to gift the attendees at least a diary or a pocket organizer or a timepiece. As soon as my father arrived home, I was so fascinated by such stuffs that I would grab it from him yelling - "It's mine", even before he opened the gift wrapper. I've still preserved few of the diaries I've pen down my thoughts, the feelings which I never expressed nor dared to! When I had no one to vent out my pent up emotions, I began to record them in the pages of my hidden diary. The sweet memories, the sad days and what not. My diary was my best friend because it had more patience to listen than people around me would.

At times, I would just write few incidents which were not related to me but were related to the place where we live. Whenever I scribbled such thoughts, I would ask my darling childhood friend whom I've known for the past eighteen years, Praths, to read it and let me know her opinion on it. She would read them carefully and appreciate them, suggest if they need any correction.... Well, she is the person who motivated me to start this blog. The first post of this blog is dedicated to her . :) She is also a salient reader of my blog. Even though we hardly meet these days, she narrates the incidents accurately I've expressed here!

A friend of mine once asked me--"Why do you write even the smallest thing on your blog? I would've never done it."
I replied--"If not same incidents, similar incidents happen in everyone's life. All of us must've faced it once upon a time. What's wrong in recording them?"
Who knows someday after I die, dear ones might read these golden memories and cry with joy :)

Its been three years of blogging . I've met few wonderful people through blogging. Though I haven't met many in person, I hope to meet you all one fine day :)

I started to blog to overcome the frustrations, betrayal by those whom I trusted. Those, whom I believed to be my friends, underestimated that I cannot sustain without them. But they were wrong! They are jealous of my success even now. But who cares, now they're nothing to me. The days I prayed some miracle should happen and it did happen. Hence, the name Silver lining :)

At times, I try to keep myself away from blogging, but I can't. It's not blog addiction; this blog of mine has become an integral entity of my life just the way sleep, food and money are! I'm sure most of us might re-read the archives and smile with happiness.

As far as my diary is concerned, it is resting in peace. I do write few incidents that cannot be written here..

If Anne Frank hadn't written her diary, we wouldn't have learnt the sufferings during the World War.

Happy Blogging, dear friends :)) Its a blog which accompanies during sorrow and joy, until we die :)

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Everything happens for our own good

From the past one week, my friend and I had decided to watch the play, Wedding Album , written by Girish Karnad ; produced and directed by Lillete Dubey at Dr Ambedkar Bhavan on Millers Road here at Bangalore on 24th Oct, Friday. For those who are not aware who Lillete Dubey is--she has acted in the movies: Bhagbaan, Kal Ho Na Ho... It was because of my friends friend who already offered us free passes, we decided to watch. Another known fellow who was interested joined us. We were four of us altogether out of which three of us from same work place.

Pic: The entry passes for Wedding Album

On Friday evening, we, three of us, started boarded the company bus from office as early as 5:30pm hoping to reach there by 7pm. Yes, the play started at 7 in the evening and late comers were NOT allowed. Heavy rains, people usually going home on Friday and this time everyone leaving for Diwali festival and traffic jam was much worse than usual. The other friend was traveling in an auto rickshaw and reached the venue at 6:50pm.

At 7:30pm, we were still Cubbon Road and it would take 40 minutes (in such a jam) to reach the venue. Hence, we 3 of us gave up the idea of watching and headed back home. Initially, I was angry with myself for not being able to make it for such a wonderful play in spite of having the entry passes in hand and traveling for two hours. Until, I reached home, I kept repeating that we could've left by 4:30 or 5pm. I was sad for missing it.

I reached home at 9:30pm. When I realized the difficulty in reaching home during pouring rains, crowded buses, finding an auto rickshaw who might drop us to the specified destination during night, I was relieved that it would've been too late if I had attended. All pain and no gain, though we traveled for four hours. :(

Wedding Album is a great play and has been organized several times . I wish to watch it next time :)

Sometimes, everything happens for our own good.

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Reply To ALL

It has been a common practice to email wedding invites to the dear ones who are far off and considered to be a good option to invite those whom you're just acquainted to but not close friends. It saves not only time but also money. Imagine the time consumed in writing down the exact postal address: the road, the cross, the main, door no... sticking stamps and posting them! Such tedious job. Most times, the invitations reach after the event is over. This has happened several times. With emailing, just by a single click, it eases the whole process.

While sending the invites, most of them forget to add the email id in the BCC(Blind Carbon Copy) and the problem arises. Few recipients lack basic ethics and send Reply-To-All and thus continues chain mails! Inbox filled only with replies to replies.. :/ Sometimes, it's very annoying to see such chain mails and time consumed in deleting them. Why can't the person just "Reply-To" instead of "Reply-To-All". Even in case of forwarded mails such as jokes, some funny pictures; Sender does a mistake by not adding emails in BCC. Few recipients start spamming the inbox with "Reply-To-All". It also leads others, whom you don't know, to send unwanted emails.

Reply-To-All is necessary in official mails so that the managers and the clients are well informed about the progress of the work assigned, bug fixed...

What is the necessity of "Reply-To-All" in the forwarded emails? Why do people learn such basic ethics?

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Rice Plate - Untouched

I was happy to see the two wonderful actors, Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah together after a long span of nineteen years, in the short film, Rice Plate in the movie: Dus Kahaniyaan . I admit, Rice Plate was very impressive among the ten short films. Rice Plate was directed by Rohit Roy of the famous mega serial: Swabhimaan, which ran for couple of years on Doordarshan.

Shabana Azmi has played unique roles in her acting career. To name a few, be it Morning Raga where she plays the role of a Carnatic singer losing her son and best friend in an accident, or even Saaz, where Zakir Hussain falls in love with her inspite of knowing that his daughter loves him, I admire her style. Needless to say, Naseer has also done his best. To name a few: Tridev, Mohra and Iqbal..The duo have acted together like Paar, Sparsh and Masoom...

Rice Plate:
Shabana Azmi plays the role of an orthodox TamBrahm widow. She is all set to visit her grand daughter and has already packed her baggage. At the same time she receives a phone call from her grand daughter. Leaving the house in a hurry, she forgets her purse at home. While hiring the taxi, she is reluctant to board the taxi run by a Muslim driver and gets in to a taxi which has gods of all religions thinking that the driver is a Hindu.

When she reaches the Railway Station, she realises that she had left her purse at home in a hurry. The taxi driver yells, "ya allah, kaisa boni karwayah", Shabana realises he was a Muslim. She misses her train and decides to board the next train. Being a diabetes patient, she visits a hotel mess nearby and buys a Rice Plate with the change she has. She keeps the luggage down the table along with the full meal and leaves the table to wash her hand. After she comes back, she is shocked to see Naseer eating from her plate. She grabs the plate from him and eats the remaining food. She realizes and then, leaves the place.

At the platform, she is reminded that her baggage and handbag are at the canteen. She runs there and finds her belongings and food untouched. She is guilty of her mistake. On the platform, she offers seat to a Muslim family. This shows she changed her attitude!

If you haven't watched the movie, see it below. You will love the message imparted in this ten minute video :)

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Compy turns 5

Today, my dearest computer turned five. It was in the year 2003, that I religiously pestered my father to buy me a personal computer with the latest configuration. It was assembled during my third semester of computer science and engineering. Till now, compy has been my most adorable friend who has helped me during all my practical lab exams, preparing the reports and presentions using MS office, in finding my first job and of course, connecting to the whole world. "Compy", is what I call it with affection-neither it can reason but only respond to all my weird requests at a single click in a nano second.

Initially, I installed only the necessary software required for my academic. During the phase of time, I learnt that what I knew was not sufficient and began exploring the latest technology. I have even lost count of the .exe files I had downloaded and deleted them without installing. The no of browsers, yahoo widgets, gaim, the latest symantec update, open source, .Net, MASM, Lightroom, Picasa, Flash, VCD cutter, players like VLC, DivX.. Yet, I don't play a single game nor have I downloaded. I hate playing games on my PC and cell phone.

Till date, I haven't upgraded any of the components including the RAM. The configuration remains as it was five years ago:
256 MB RAM
40 gb HDD
Sony Floppy Drive
Ergonomics keyboard
Creative Speakers
APC - UPS power backup
Intel 1.8GHz Processor
Intel Motherboard
15" monitor
Samsung scrollable mouse
Frontech mike

Six to eight months ago, I had to replace the SNMP; which is the only replacement I've done.

Apart from listening to music, reading e-books, messenger, emails, it serves the need for photo editing which is the only worthy deed I'm currently occupied with!

"When I got my first television set, I stopped caring so much about having close relationships." - Andy Warhol

With a computer, you tend to forget the entire world around you and yes, it has made the world much much smaller and virtually meeting people via mediums like blogging, flickr and twitter.

Unlike humans, machines aren't selfish and most patient.

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They are gone

Drafted on 20th Aug '08

It was the most precious day of my career. It was the day I stepped into the corporate company that offered me-my first job. Yes, it was the first day of induction. The conference hall was occupied by us, the new joiners just passed out of college. As we made ourselves comfortable, we were greeted by the HR's and soon followed small introduction by each and every department directing us what to do and what not to. During the coffee break, we introduced ourselves and it was too hard for me to remember so many names on that day.

The first two days of the week was induction. On the third day, we were allotted to respective training streams and the cubicle partners. The training was like 9th semester of engineering :) During this time, I came across various people from different states and cult. When the training concluded, a girl from the same training batch, who was now a good acquaintance of mine, and I were allotted the same project. Let me call her I~. We knew none of out teammates except our reporting manager. Thankfully, both of us were given the adjacent cubicles and we didn't get bugged up. A week later was team building and we met all the members of this project. :) One more wonderful person I met was K~ to whom I was deeply attached to.

Everyday, I~ and me took tea/coffee breaks together. She would laugh at every joke I made, we had loads of stuffs to speak of and we did. She was one of the dearest friend.

20th August '08:
I~ quit the job. Just the way, anyone would quit, I had no regrets about it. It was around 3:30 pm, she treated us. We captured loads of moments since I knew she would never be coming back to Bangalore or this country. I accompanied her till the bus and we started to cry. Tears rolled down our cheeks at its ease and we weren't able to control either. We hugged each other.. I, finally, bid good-bye to her.

Well, I had cried when K~. though, I didn't weep before her, I had cried in my room.

I had never felt sad even during the school or college farewell since all of us were moving out at a time. When these two friends whom I was deeply attached quit, there was extreme sadness.

A people in a short span of time leave behind sweet memories. The absence of a few bring nostalgic memoirs. I don't know if I would meet them again in person--the people who meant so much to me, who supported me before I asked.

It might sound stupid if you're reading this. But it is necessary to have at least one good friend at workplace. It is difficult to stay working all day without people talking with you. Remember, Tom Hank's Cast Away??

This post is dedicated to I~. Friday, 10th Oct, was her birthday.

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Experience at the bank

I have almost forgotten the way to the bank or even the record of transactions called-"Passbook " exists ever since I got my first salary and anywhere, anytime, easy to use "card".

When I was less than ten year old, I used to visit the bank with my father. At that age, I never understood why people considered the money to be safe at bank and how the bankers were gaining profit without charging any money for safeguarding ours! When I was in high school, my father considered I was old enough and taught me how to fill up the pay-in-slips, the cheques should never be signed in advance, the importance of crossed cheque , the entries made in the passbook should always be cross verified, etc...

Yesterday, I had some work at the bank near by which I had been visiting since my childhood with my father. I was given a token and had been waiting for them to call the token no. While I sat there at the counter and filled up some form, a lady in her middle age came to me and requested me to fill up the pay-in slip for Rs10,000/- handing over the passbook to me for referring the account no and her name. Though, the pay-in slips are printed in the three languages, Kannada , English and Hindi , for the ease of all people, the lady neither knew how to read or write any of the three languages except sign write her name in Kannada. After I filled up the form, I pointed at "Depositor's Signature" and asked her to sign. As I finished, another lady in her thirties approached and requested me to fill the form to withdraw the money from her account. She, too, handed her passbook to me to refer the correct spelling of her name and the account no. This lady also just knew how to sign her name in Kannada. The signature was more like written words rather than an actual scribbled signature like we do; which can be misused by anyone just by writing the name. When I handed over her book and the pay-slip, another aged woman was waiting for me to write hers. The token number was called and I ran to the counter.

When people who can't read or write request the clerks at banks, they are literally pissed off due to the work pressure and the mistakes that are made in the cheques... I was sad sighting these people who had to request others for each and every paper work involving money and blindly trust what others write on their behalf. Few of them even use the thumb impression on cheques :(  Can't we do anything about it?

I thank my parents for providing me the best thing in life-the best education, the ability to read, write and communicate with others. I need not depend on others in such cases.

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Recently, I installed an add-on, Chromifox, to the Firefox I'm using. Google's web browser didn't impress me except for its bluish appearance. The most annoying being Chrome lacks the google search tool present in Firefox right top. Hence, I'm sticking to my Firefox since I've had installed too many add-ons at ease. Moreover, I'm not able to upload the photos to flickr using Chrome. Don't know why Chrome isn't supporting this. :(

Here is an add-on to Firefox with the appearance of that of Chrome. Go, install..... and feel the difference ;)

Thanks to Prashanth for sharing this link.

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At a wedding

I am back attending the wedding of our family friend. The wedding Muhurtham was too early and I was too lazy to wake up early on a holiday. My mother's effort spent for an hour in waking me up bore fruit.

We reached the Kalyana Matapa (marriage hall), the pujari was chanting the auspicious mantras. The bride was beautiful and the groom was strong. After the groom tied the knot around her neck, there were infact few rituals where the couple have to bow down and touch elder's feet for their blessings. In most cases, the bride alone has to fall at her husband's feet. I have even lost count how many times she had to bow down at his feet. This made me think: Is there no such ritual where the husband bows down asking for wife's blessing???Then, the Saptapadi (seven rounds), where both of them round the fire or homa for seven times.

 The lunch was good served on the traditional South Indain plantain leaf. The image is on the right side. The menu contains:
Payasa (Kheer)
Two varieties of kosumbari(salad)
Two varieties of pallya(curries)
Rice served with Rasam/huLi/curd.
Two sweet dishes.

Sometimes, it is sad to see the invitees wasting the good food on whole sale. The contents on the entire plate or the leaf will remain as it is :(  When you can't eat so much, then why do you keep quiet while the food is being served? If you're not paying for it, you're wasting somebody else's.

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