All that glitters is not as worth as gold

The yellow metal denoted as Au (Aurum in the periodic table) is commonly known as gold: admired and adorned by the ladies of all ages from many ages. Be it 24 carat, 22 carat or even 18 carat; gold in the form of jewelery or even a biscuit drags everyone's attention. The 916 KDM gold occupies the highest rank in this category. This metal being a good conductor is considered to be most stable, when compared to metals like silver, during all seasons. Hence, most preferred :)

In an experiment in Chemistry: Rutherford Model of an atom, gold foil was used to determine and prove the atomic structure namely: the nucleus, electrons and protons.

During the earlier times when Kings ruled, gold coins were in currency circulation. People invested on gold, silver and other stones like diamond, topaz, emerald, ruby etc... Gold is also considered a sign of wealth and most of them prefer buying it on auspicious days like Akshaya Tritiya.

Even fifty years ago, when there weren't any stock market or shares, electronic gadgets, cars and hi-fi bikes, or any insurance for that matter, elders always considered it to be a WISE investing on gold. And yes, why not? If you see the current situation: banking sector is hit, stock market and shares are down, the software MNC companies are laying off, real estate is down, even then the gold price remains as high as possible .i.e. Rs 13,410 ten grams today. Aren't our elders the witty people? ;)

Last thursday, my mother wanted to buy a gram or two of gold. When I enquired the gold rate from a goldsmith on the very same day, I was told Rs 1175 per gram. Today, when I check, it has reached Rs 13,410 for 10 grams :O

Though, we spend too much on the junk jewelery like an imitation of gold or earrings/bangles/chains made of jute or clay; nothing can beat when compared to gold jewelery.

Whenever we want to sell off old electronic devices like TV or even a laptop, it doesn't fetch us half the amount we invested on them. But it is a different case while selling off the gold (Be it an obsolete design or the latest design) which has been used for ages together.

What would you consider a wise investment? ;)

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  1. yup, it IS a wise investment, though I dont believe in wearing gold much.

  2. when the market crumbles, investing in gold makes sense. a small investment in gold for the rainy days is not a bad option at all, but personally, i don't like to wear even a speck of gold.

  3. LOL....

    Gold is just shooting up :D

    It s worth investment.... for sure :D

  4. There used to be a phrase which my Dadaji used to say. I don't remember the exact words but it would mean something like this "Sona aur zameen, zaroorat mein hamesha kaam aati hain" :)

  5. yes gold and real estate are the best investments but personally i dont like wearing gold except earrings.


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