At a wedding

I am back attending the wedding of our family friend. The wedding Muhurtham was too early and I was too lazy to wake up early on a holiday. My mother's effort spent for an hour in waking me up bore fruit.

We reached the Kalyana Matapa (marriage hall), the pujari was chanting the auspicious mantras. The bride was beautiful and the groom was strong. After the groom tied the knot around her neck, there were infact few rituals where the couple have to bow down and touch elder's feet for their blessings. In most cases, the bride alone has to fall at her husband's feet. I have even lost count how many times she had to bow down at his feet. This made me think: Is there no such ritual where the husband bows down asking for wife's blessing???Then, the Saptapadi (seven rounds), where both of them round the fire or homa for seven times.

 The lunch was good served on the traditional South Indain plantain leaf. The image is on the right side. The menu contains:
Payasa (Kheer)
Two varieties of kosumbari(salad)
Two varieties of pallya(curries)
Rice served with Rasam/huLi/curd.
Two sweet dishes.

Sometimes, it is sad to see the invitees wasting the good food on whole sale. The contents on the entire plate or the leaf will remain as it is :(  When you can't eat so much, then why do you keep quiet while the food is being served? If you're not paying for it, you're wasting somebody else's.

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  1. :) i don't fall at anyone's feet....they try to force me and i do push ups :)

  2. I agree that people forget about not wasting "ann" when someone else is paying for it.
    Delicious meal!!

  3. Yup, I think wasting or not wasting your food is to be taught early in life.

  4. What tree had you climbed to take that shot of the wedding ritual? :D

  5. I also feel very sad to see people piling up their plates and then leaving most of the things. its a criminal waste in a country where so many sleep without food.

  6. Vishesh, lol :)

    Reema, yeah, they shouldn't.

    Mampi, Many people don't realise that there are many who die due to hunger :(

  7. ~nm, hehe.. Didn't climb any tree. Was on the terrace :D

    Renu, Me too :)

  8. how did you manage to get a top view of the couple and a side view of the food? :) it should ve been the opposite :D :D


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