Recently, I installed an add-on, Chromifox, to the Firefox I'm using. Google's web browser didn't impress me except for its bluish appearance. The most annoying being Chrome lacks the google search tool present in Firefox right top. Hence, I'm sticking to my Firefox since I've had installed too many add-ons at ease. Moreover, I'm not able to upload the photos to flickr using Chrome. Don't know why Chrome isn't supporting this. :(

Here is an add-on to Firefox with the appearance of that of Chrome. Go, install..... and feel the difference ;)

Thanks to Prashanth for sharing this link.

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  1. I a using chrome and i loved it :) as far as the google search bar... its not required type what u want to search in the address bar press enter and u get the google search results

  2. I was gng to say what monika said - you dont need a searchbox, just type it on your address bar.

    Chrome is still in beta - and needs lot more devlopment to make it as good as ffx - but chrome is very impressive and I am loving it and using it from the day one. :)

  3. In chrome u have to just type and hit enter to search :) I like to mainly cause,i have to just type the first alphabet and hit enter and it will go the most used page...:) They need to add a few more things ,am sure they will do it :)

  4. I have not yet tried chrome. I m satisfied with FF and i m lil averse to change.

  5. chrome looks good ..
    but Firefox is the best :)
    as far as the search is concerned..u just need type type in the address bar the word u are searching for..
    i am not able to comment here by using wordpress account :(

  6. For me advantage of Chrome is that it takes much lesser RAMs. Firefox is RAM hungry and most times makes other programs slower. Chrome looks simple and good.


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