Compy turns 5

Today, my dearest computer turned five. It was in the year 2003, that I religiously pestered my father to buy me a personal computer with the latest configuration. It was assembled during my third semester of computer science and engineering. Till now, compy has been my most adorable friend who has helped me during all my practical lab exams, preparing the reports and presentions using MS office, in finding my first job and of course, connecting to the whole world. "Compy", is what I call it with affection-neither it can reason but only respond to all my weird requests at a single click in a nano second.

Initially, I installed only the necessary software required for my academic. During the phase of time, I learnt that what I knew was not sufficient and began exploring the latest technology. I have even lost count of the .exe files I had downloaded and deleted them without installing. The no of browsers, yahoo widgets, gaim, the latest symantec update, open source, .Net, MASM, Lightroom, Picasa, Flash, VCD cutter, players like VLC, DivX.. Yet, I don't play a single game nor have I downloaded. I hate playing games on my PC and cell phone.

Till date, I haven't upgraded any of the components including the RAM. The configuration remains as it was five years ago:
256 MB RAM
40 gb HDD
Sony Floppy Drive
Ergonomics keyboard
Creative Speakers
APC - UPS power backup
Intel 1.8GHz Processor
Intel Motherboard
15" monitor
Samsung scrollable mouse
Frontech mike

Six to eight months ago, I had to replace the SNMP; which is the only replacement I've done.

Apart from listening to music, reading e-books, messenger, emails, it serves the need for photo editing which is the only worthy deed I'm currently occupied with!

"When I got my first television set, I stopped caring so much about having close relationships." - Andy Warhol

With a computer, you tend to forget the entire world around you and yes, it has made the world much much smaller and virtually meeting people via mediums like blogging, flickr and twitter.

Unlike humans, machines aren't selfish and most patient.

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  1. Ohh Happy Birthday Compy! Hi to urs from mine. :) I love my computer too.

  2. After my husband and kids in the same order, the next love of my life is my computer too. The former two are actually jealous of the latter.
    Happy B'day to Compy. Give her a hug from us all.

  3. SNMP? or is it SMPS?

    proudly old fashioned, eh? ;-)
    but then, if the comp is enough for your needs, why upgrade and burn money?

    When i brought my comp, I was very particular on getting the best graphics card I can afford - to play games and to do image editing and animation... I love playing games, but now my Xbox and comp games are gathering dust - itz been ages since I sat down to play a good round of any game... sigh!

  4. My comp also has similar config- Intel 2.4 GHz and Wipro UPS. But over a period of time I've added extra ram and HDD, had to replace UPS battery,and buy new SMPS unit and changed to optical mouse

  5. My comp. is 6 yrs old and once I had to change SMPS unit also and then due to UPS problems I have shiftd to laptop which is again 4 yrs old, and here I agree I bought my desktop with TV tuner and everything but cud never use thm as it was not feasible, so now my children keep telling me to change it, but I say..when my work is getting done why change and burn money:)

  6. hmmm. Our wavelengths match. I haven replaced my comp either , I still have my good old NOKIA 1100 and I hate to part with it. Ppl say I am goona enter the corporate world and have to be in phase with the cutting-edge tech thingy. but who cares ???? Preeti wont budge:) and happy bday compy :) live long :)

  7. 5 years! wow that is ancient! :P

    i got my present comp in the summer hols :P

  8. Happy belated bday to Compy! :)
    *With a computer, you tend to forget the entire world around you..* How true! and if it's not thr, you are suddenly lost!! :(

  9. same pinch .. i too bought is 5 years back aug 2003 ..i have just upgraded my ram to 256 2 years back and got a DVD writer which doesnopt work anymore..
    if not for PC these days .. i would have gone insane :D

  10. Happy birthday to ur PC & at the same time,touch wood


  11. hey! mine turns 5 in a few days! i bought it during our new year(Gujarati New Year) that falls on the last day of Diwali on October 23rd, 2003!!!!

  12. Congrats on Happy Anniversary of your Compy.
    Have a nice time on it.

    After all its a link between your friends' circle, I wish its Long and Healthy life!

    A well wisher of bloggers,


  13. Awwww....must say you are very lucky...hope you two all the best...:D.
    I can understand what you felt..:)

  14. Wow..very reliable compy u have!! :D Even my PC in India WAS of the same category...but got it upgraded before I moved to US.
    And ya..PC is a good source of virtual friends..and the "in" thing is that people seem to almost neglect their 'physically present' friends :D..ok I am just kidding here!!


  15. Once i had life, now i have computer :)

  16. Nice that you give credit to your computer by celebrating its b'day.
    As a gift just give it some more MB's of RAM I say.
    Simply joking, I too still have a 256 MB RAM, a 15" monitor, & the old Intel 1.6 GHz Processor. But still my computer runs lot more faster & hassle-free than any other systems in my area :)

  17. Happy birthday to ur compy..Yes even for me the comp hs shrunk my world.
    The config was all Greek and latin though :)

  18. You know what you've done in the process of wishing your compy happy birthday!!? You've just given away your age :D

    BTW happy birthday to your compy... My computer is slightly older (probably an year) than yours. I upgraded its RAM last year.

  19. Thanks for dropping by my blog! My comp is a good friend for me too :)

  20. Wow you must be really very good with handling your computer! My laptop conks off every 2 years. Have bought a new one every freaking 2 years!

  21. 5 years.. hmmm.. It may feel like ages for a computer. Anyway Belated wishes for your compy :)


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