Everything happens for our own good

From the past one week, my friend and I had decided to watch the play, Wedding Album , written by Girish Karnad ; produced and directed by Lillete Dubey at Dr Ambedkar Bhavan on Millers Road here at Bangalore on 24th Oct, Friday. For those who are not aware who Lillete Dubey is--she has acted in the movies: Bhagbaan, Kal Ho Na Ho... It was because of my friends friend who already offered us free passes, we decided to watch. Another known fellow who was interested joined us. We were four of us altogether out of which three of us from same work place.

Pic: The entry passes for Wedding Album

On Friday evening, we, three of us, started boarded the company bus from office as early as 5:30pm hoping to reach there by 7pm. Yes, the play started at 7 in the evening and late comers were NOT allowed. Heavy rains, people usually going home on Friday and this time everyone leaving for Diwali festival and traffic jam was much worse than usual. The other friend was traveling in an auto rickshaw and reached the venue at 6:50pm.

At 7:30pm, we were still Cubbon Road and it would take 40 minutes (in such a jam) to reach the venue. Hence, we 3 of us gave up the idea of watching and headed back home. Initially, I was angry with myself for not being able to make it for such a wonderful play in spite of having the entry passes in hand and traveling for two hours. Until, I reached home, I kept repeating that we could've left by 4:30 or 5pm. I was sad for missing it.

I reached home at 9:30pm. When I realized the difficulty in reaching home during pouring rains, crowded buses, finding an auto rickshaw who might drop us to the specified destination during night, I was relieved that it would've been too late if I had attended. All pain and no gain, though we traveled for four hours. :(

Wedding Album is a great play and has been organized several times . I wish to watch it next time :)

Sometimes, everything happens for our own good.

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  1. :) happy diwali :D

    yup everything has a reason behind it :D

  2. I wish I could watch a play. I always wanted to, but none of my friends are interested and I hate the idea of going alone :-(

    happy diwali.

  3. everything happens the way it is meant to. good and bad is out thinking, i think.
    happy deepavali :)

  4. Have been told everything does have a reason. Hope you make it to the play next time and write your review of it :D

  5. ya. missing a good play for such a reason is easier to pass off as sour grapes theory.
    never mind you can watch it some other day! and if you do get passes, call me also :)
    happy deepawali!

  6. Hmm I have never seen a play in my life.


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