Rice Plate - Untouched

I was happy to see the two wonderful actors, Shabana Azmi and Naseeruddin Shah together after a long span of nineteen years, in the short film, Rice Plate in the movie: Dus Kahaniyaan . I admit, Rice Plate was very impressive among the ten short films. Rice Plate was directed by Rohit Roy of the famous mega serial: Swabhimaan, which ran for couple of years on Doordarshan.

Shabana Azmi has played unique roles in her acting career. To name a few, be it Morning Raga where she plays the role of a Carnatic singer losing her son and best friend in an accident, or even Saaz, where Zakir Hussain falls in love with her inspite of knowing that his daughter loves him, I admire her style. Needless to say, Naseer has also done his best. To name a few: Tridev, Mohra and Iqbal..The duo have acted together like Paar, Sparsh and Masoom...

Rice Plate:
Shabana Azmi plays the role of an orthodox TamBrahm widow. She is all set to visit her grand daughter and has already packed her baggage. At the same time she receives a phone call from her grand daughter. Leaving the house in a hurry, she forgets her purse at home. While hiring the taxi, she is reluctant to board the taxi run by a Muslim driver and gets in to a taxi which has gods of all religions thinking that the driver is a Hindu.

When she reaches the Railway Station, she realises that she had left her purse at home in a hurry. The taxi driver yells, "ya allah, kaisa boni karwayah", Shabana realises he was a Muslim. She misses her train and decides to board the next train. Being a diabetes patient, she visits a hotel mess nearby and buys a Rice Plate with the change she has. She keeps the luggage down the table along with the full meal and leaves the table to wash her hand. After she comes back, she is shocked to see Naseer eating from her plate. She grabs the plate from him and eats the remaining food. She realizes and then, leaves the place.

At the platform, she is reminded that her baggage and handbag are at the canteen. She runs there and finds her belongings and food untouched. She is guilty of her mistake. On the platform, she offers seat to a Muslim family. This shows she changed her attitude!

If you haven't watched the movie, see it below. You will love the message imparted in this ten minute video :)

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  1. Seems to be an interesting watch.
    WIll see it for sure,
    Oye, I am also reading Angels and Demons these days.
    Same Pinch...

  2. will watch it ...first time hearing about it though ..

  3. I kind of liked Dus Kahaaniyan except 1-2 stories. Rice plate was very good!

  4. yeah rice plate was good and Shabana and naseer made it very special, I loves those small 10 stories than some one big boring one:)

  5. Vishesh, Sure. Do watch it :)

    Mampi, It is an interesting watch.
    I read Angels n Demons in Jan 2007 :)

    arvind1187, Watch it.

  6. Reema, me too :)

    Renu, :)

    Sneha, Yes, it is very creative.

  7. Sneha, Haven't you watched it, yet?

  8. I have watched it partially a few days back airing on some channel. But will make time to watch. Do keep recommending some good movies like these :)

  9. I would say the Rice plate was good only on the basis of the sheer performance ability of shabana azmi and Naseeruddin Shah and nothing else.
    "Rice plate" is Shamelessly plagiarized from the celebrated short film "Lunch Date" which won the Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1990 for best short story, also an Academy Award the following year.

    If you watch the original then you will puke at the third class direction of crook Rohit roy.

  10. Came here from Reema's blog...
    Nice post.
    This short film is a take off this short The Lunch Date but nicely done by the seasoned actors :)

  11. Sekhar, Thanks :)

    Satish, Huh? Never knew about it. But most of the Hindi movies/music are dubbed always.

    myheadtrip, Welcome abroad. will watch it for sure. Thanks for the link.

  12. Right.. Rice Plate IS the most remarkable story in the otherwise insipid collection. But Ronit Roy, honestly( and he admits it too) did not have to do a lot of work. Shabana and Nasir are naturals at this style of acting. :-)

  13. hmm nice movie eh :)

    btw you got copyrights on the video too? :P

  14. How do we know, Yes. it is :)

    sandeep, Video is from Youtube. Copyright is for the text in this post published by me.

  15. Here I was wondering why were you not updating your blog ? My mistake... It didn't get added to my reader. :(

    Hmmm... looks interesting, will watch it sometime.

  16. watched the video!
    quite enjoyable, though shabana didn't really do a good tambrahm :-)

  17. Hi Manasa,
    thanks for visiting my blog. Glad to discover your's too :) Interesting posts. Keep in touch!

  18. I have seen this part of the movie and i did like it/ love it too. Very well enacted by the two veteran actors.


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