They are gone

Drafted on 20th Aug '08

It was the most precious day of my career. It was the day I stepped into the corporate company that offered me-my first job. Yes, it was the first day of induction. The conference hall was occupied by us, the new joiners just passed out of college. As we made ourselves comfortable, we were greeted by the HR's and soon followed small introduction by each and every department directing us what to do and what not to. During the coffee break, we introduced ourselves and it was too hard for me to remember so many names on that day.

The first two days of the week was induction. On the third day, we were allotted to respective training streams and the cubicle partners. The training was like 9th semester of engineering :) During this time, I came across various people from different states and cult. When the training concluded, a girl from the same training batch, who was now a good acquaintance of mine, and I were allotted the same project. Let me call her I~. We knew none of out teammates except our reporting manager. Thankfully, both of us were given the adjacent cubicles and we didn't get bugged up. A week later was team building and we met all the members of this project. :) One more wonderful person I met was K~ to whom I was deeply attached to.

Everyday, I~ and me took tea/coffee breaks together. She would laugh at every joke I made, we had loads of stuffs to speak of and we did. She was one of the dearest friend.

20th August '08:
I~ quit the job. Just the way, anyone would quit, I had no regrets about it. It was around 3:30 pm, she treated us. We captured loads of moments since I knew she would never be coming back to Bangalore or this country. I accompanied her till the bus and we started to cry. Tears rolled down our cheeks at its ease and we weren't able to control either. We hugged each other.. I, finally, bid good-bye to her.

Well, I had cried when K~. though, I didn't weep before her, I had cried in my room.

I had never felt sad even during the school or college farewell since all of us were moving out at a time. When these two friends whom I was deeply attached quit, there was extreme sadness.

A people in a short span of time leave behind sweet memories. The absence of a few bring nostalgic memoirs. I don't know if I would meet them again in person--the people who meant so much to me, who supported me before I asked.

It might sound stupid if you're reading this. But it is necessary to have at least one good friend at workplace. It is difficult to stay working all day without people talking with you. Remember, Tom Hank's Cast Away??

This post is dedicated to I~. Friday, 10th Oct, was her birthday.

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  1. Oye tu chinta na kar... you'll find more good friends along the way! :)

  2. Hail Sudipta.
    Yes, you will find many good friends. But I must say you are lucky to find a good friend at work place. Retain them as long as they last.
    It is such a cute little innocent si post.

  3. :) nice of you to remember them and i hop you will get more good friends @ work place...

  4. Oh I absolutely agree!!
    The workplace is like a second home. Research has shown that the productivity of work rises when we have a friend at work.

  5. Oh I can understand. Recently my colleague who was my best frnd too got married and left. :( Its so lonely now even if there are other people.

  6. dont knw what to comment on this!!thanks for being my dearest friend!!sometimes i feel like coming back and sitting in the same old cubicle!!and i knw its not possible!!
    i miss everything...u,the coffe breaks,the jokes,roamin around the DC,CCD...evrything!!
    if god helps,i will be back to bangalore,sometime in be there.i want to meet u!!

  7. I completely understand what you want to tell or how you felt/feel! When i left my job, my heart tore at leaving my best buddy behind! I still talk to her at length when time permits but its not the same! :( and i feel that it will not be possible for me to be sooooo attached to anybody again in the same way!

  8. :) I will miss my frnds when i pass out of school :(

  9. You are bang on! We definitely need a good friend at work place without whom it suddenly starts feeling very lonely. The post does not sound stupid to me. One of my friend dedicated a post to me when I left the organization.
    Here's the link

  10. I always felt like this whenevr my H did the job hopping, sometimes there were so emotionally draining farewells also:), but in the process the no. of my friends multiplied also, because once a friend, always a friend, even sometimes we have met after 10 yrs, but started from there, found no difference:), and now the world has become really smaller, we keep meeting someone or the other, so dont worry, u will get many more friends

  11. Such a nice post, reminds me of some good people I have met.

  12. meeting is cheerful, parting is always tearful. Dont worry, cherish the memories!!!

  13. hey cheer up,we all need to move on @some point in life na...maybe one day when u leave the company,someone else will feel the same way bout missing u !

  14. hmmm.. i always believed you can never have friends at work :)

  15. belated wishes to her :)
    i hope u are feeling better now ..
    Its really hard to find ppl who u miss so much..
    be happy that u have one :D

  16. Hmmm.. thats the pity state of our lives. When we think that they are going to come with us in this whole life journey they will drop out. Missing my friends badly now :(


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