Last Saturday, I visited my cousin who was here on vacation from Malaysia with her 13 month old angel. Here are few pics I clicked from my 2 mega pixel camera in the night without flash. :) Though, the little one never came to any got down of her mother's lap in spite of pleading her, it was fun watching her.

I clicked loads of baby pics and told my cousin that I would blog her cutie's pic. She is a regular reader of my blog. Since she requested not to post any of face pics, I'm not posting it here. :) Last time, my cousin posted cutie's pic on Orkut and people put an eye i.e. drishti or buri nazar.
I got these from my cousin. Since I am an avid collector of coins and notes, these are indeed a treasure:
1 Malaysian ringgit = 0.276434 U.S. dollars
1 Malaysian ringgit = Rs 14

PS: The picture quality is low and noisy since they were clicked without flash and low light conditions.

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  1. Put the whole pic plz..
    i promise i wont put drishti :)

  2. Cute fingers and toes :) Even I used to collect coins!

  3. ooh.. she is a cutie.. and am glad u got a gift u treasure. Numismatics? You? Did i tell u u r the first that i know of?

  4. i love the difference between an child's and an adult hands!

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  6. cool pics yar..........she is really coool

  7. i wish we cud see her..
    i too knw abt ringgit. i like the name ,. it sounds nice.. at tmes it reminds me of earthworm dnt knw y :
    i too hav bEEN TO Malaysia -- truely asia :P


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