Few learnings

Its been a great learning experience from a month(22nd Oct - 19th Nov). I've learnt many things from my experiences on each wednesday starting from 22nd Oct to 19th Nov, a week ago. A dream which is yet to turn into a reality is shattered, a long lasting hope is lost. Over a month, each week has made me realize the sweetness, happiness, patience, bitterness, sadness and of course mastering your mind. At times, heart goes out of control of your mind and mind tries to console your heart that this is the way people are, the world is and you should move on, for time waits for no one and it is no worth brooding over the past. Each happening is a learning experience, the long lasting lesson taught by life.

Last wednesday, 19th Nov, I learnt a lesson that I shouldn't brood over the past and thinking about the failures would hurt me more. Time will heal the pain and I waited for time!

Life gives you what you deserve and not what you desire,
At times it gives you more than what you desire...!!! ??

Regarding "What happened?", I don't want to write about it and hurt myself more :)

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  1. life gives us what we really desire :) its just that we ourselves don't understand what we really desire,if we think,then we will know :)

  2. If it don't kills you, it makes you strong. what ever happened, dnt let it drag your spirit to the ground. Take care.

  3. Keep dreaming. You never know when it will turn into reality. That is what people are telling me, and slowly I do believe that I should not be bog down by what has happened or is happening. It is all about what will happen. A good lesson - not to brood. No point, can't change it!
    Cheers! Take care

  4. OK, wont ask what happened. Just take care and keep writing. thats its own catharsis.

  5. Time heals everything if you let it. Happy healing :) Keep smiling.

  6. Wow. In a small post, you've said a lot.

  7. Such a lovely thought! true and profound!

  8. Every lesson of life is an epic in itself.

  9. vishesh, Not all times we get what we want.

    --xh--, It has made me stronger.

    myheadtrip, Each incident is a lesson. Dreams come true, but it needs loads of patience.

  10. Mampi, His blessings are always with me.

    How do we know, Thanks.

    Reema, Time heals the pain and waiting for the right time.

  11. Trailblazer, Thanks and keep visiting.

    Anu, Thanks :)

    *~*{Sameera}*~*, True :) Keep visiting.

  12. I don't know what you have gone through, but as a matter of fact, I do know a few things stated below :
    1. "Belief" and "Desire" are two very different things. If you "truly" believe in something, you will get it. If you just "desire" or "want" something, without believing in it first, then you won't get it.
    2. Moving on -> You can move on to a different place,far away from people you want to avoid. Yes. But you can't 'move on' from memories of the happenings of the past. It will only fade away 10 yrs down the lane, but it will still be there. Best thing is to accept this and learn from it :)
    3. Life gives you 'exactly' what you deserve. What you give to others, comes back to you :) I have seen it in various circumstances. Failure is a stepping stone to success. If someone betrays another,in a brutal way, lord should save the person. I know of a man who promised a woman marriage and courted her for 10 years and ultimately left her without a word and his mother was admitted to Mallya hospital,when she lost her legs due to an accident, 3 months down the lane and he's taking care of her for the past one yr.

    So, don't worry.... good times and bad times, all pass with time. Be patient,be calm, believe, Give more to others than you normally would and find inner happiness.Everything else will fall into place.

  13. I hope you area on the road to happiness and leaving these not so good memories behind!

    Be happy and keep smiling! Coz that's what matters! :)

    A big tight hug!


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