In the pink

Pink - The color which all gals prefer over any given color. Women of all ages, be it a teenager, a little gal of age six or even an old lady of 60 admire. Pink, in other words is always referred to "girly" and hated by guys. If a guy admires "pink" or wears a pink shirt by any chance, they guy is treated like a gay!

Though, guys love red, they hate pink to such an extent that they express with weird expressions on their face. Whereas, we gals chose pink in lipstick, shoes, shirt, skirt, curtains, cell phones (oh, that moto phone) or even pink scooty ;)

A fortnight ago, my mother and her friend had been for shopping and bought many household stuffs including a dustbin. When my father noticed he dustbin at a corner of the house, he yelled, "Why pink? :( " with a weird expression.

We ladies, don't even spare a pink dustbin. ;)

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  1. LOL@that pink dustbee. Heehee.
    Now that IS too much.

  2. I am a blue or white or even black person...not quite the pink one!! pink dustbin...really?!

  3. pink dust bin :O better i go for shopping whn itz time for me to set up a home...

    mine is a green one...

    but hv to tell u - some times pink do looks good on girls...

  4. :) pink dustbin? tell me where did u buy that? :)
    as for guys being gay in pink , saif a. khan , shiney ahuja , imran k. & ranbir k. look cool in pink *am already blushing*
    sweet post.

  5. i dont have a dustbin!!!
    my boyfriend wears pink shirts

  6. :D :D but todays metrosexual males do accept that they do like colours (or anything else) which was supposedly feminine ( GOd knows who decided that blue is for boys and pink is for girls!!!)

  7. I wear pink shirt.. and i like that shirt :)
    it does not convey you are gay!!

  8. pink is my favorite too. Dark pink. Fuschia. And yes the lady of the house gets to decide everything...even the color of dustbin.

  9. :D

    i dont like the baby pink but i love magneta and the hot pink!

    and more and more men are now accepting pink!! though long way before they can wear pink shoes! ;)

    liked this fun post! is the dustbin changed?! :p




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