I came across a link to this site: twitter while I was browsing the various links on a blog. For a while, I couldn't figure out what twitter is all about. Hence, I decided to sign up and I've been experimenting from April '08.

Twitter  is a microblogging site which allows the user to send updates called "Tweets" upto 140 characters long. You can also "follow" others on twitter to receive their tweets when you login. Initially, twitter provided sending updates through gtalk and mobile phone, though the former is no longer supported. Apart from following others and updates, it provides "@replies" (replying to others) and "direct messages" with an inbox; updates can be public or protected to only those who follow us.

Apart from updating by logging into twitter homepage, there are several widgets/installers which allow us to login and refresh at regular intervals.
Few of the installers are:
Twitterfox : an add on plugin to Firefox.
Tweetdeck, Twirl , Twibble : require Adobe AIR to be installed.
Betwittered : widget that can be added on igoogle page.
m.slandr : A web page login.
Twitterrific : Used for iPhone or iPod Touch.
iTweet : Web page with auto-refresh.
Twitpic : Allows to upload the photographs.
Grouptweet : provides message broadcasting to a group.
Twitter counter : A badge to display no of followers on your website/blog.
Mobile web : accessing twitter from mobile phone.

I've been addicted to twitter and slangs like tweeple, tworld, tweets..!
My current tweets : 777

You can follow me on twitter and be my follower. ;-)

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  1. A bunch of your blogging buddies are twittering right now! I twitter as BethFishReads.

  2. i haven't been able to figure out why i will need a micro-blog ;) when i have a proper blog :P Or it may be the fact that i am in skl most of the time..but well i still have account which i update sometimes :)

  3. i am on twitter too though compared to you i am a newborn there!! ;)

  4. Phew, I am into Twittering for less than a week and I want to delete the account. Bloody Twitter doesnt allow me to. Kya zabardasti hai. Its already enamored of me???

  5. i am in twitter too ..but i never logged on after the first day :P

  6. Beth F, Got your twitter request.

    vishesh, Twitter doesn't need any formatting as we do while blogging. You can access it via phone if gprs is enabled.

    sakhi, :)

  7. Am on twitter....have to get to use it though :(

  8. I retired from social sites ... glad you still have the enthu to pursue it ;) Hope it's not as stupid as facebook and bugging as orkut!

  9. Twitter is pretty kool and handy...
    i like it 2... happy twitting!!!

  10. I've been twittering too for a while though withing just a few friends and all of them from BWS. Tx for the FF plugin, didn't know about that one. Basically cos I havent explored it.

  11. myheadtrip, It easy to use twitter :)

    Akshaya Aradhya, Nope, it isn't like orkut or FB.

    --xh--, hehe.. I know ;)

  12. Nandish, yes, it is handy.

    shreelesh kumar, Welcome to twitter.


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