Bikes from..?

Bike reminds of the sound Vroom Vroom. Any guy's dream is to own a bike especially the one like Thunderbird or Karizma/R15 or even a Hayabusa. Most of my friends upgraded to one of these, except Hayabusa, after their bank account was credited with their first salary :)

I received this beautiful forwarded email. Any guesses what these are made of? ;)watch-1

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  1. wow cool ..they are made of watch parts :D right ?

    didur friends buy hayabusa after their first salary ??
    OMG much is their salary :P ??
    IT costs 12 lakhs :O

  2. aaha! bikes made of watch components... :) some cool designs there...

  3. arvind1187, None of them bought Hayabusa for its price :) Hence they settled for Thunderbird/Karizma/R15 :))

    --xh--, Amazing. Is it not? ;)

  4. Even Thunderbird/Karizma/R15 with first salary is huge.. forget Hayabusa :))

    After 2.5yrs of working i still can't go and buy an R15 with one month's salary :))

  5. totally amazing.
    Thanks for sharing, M

  6. vishesh, :)

    sandeep, They bought on EMI basis paying for an year or two ;) No one can buy with one month's salary :P

    Mampi, Glad you liked them :)

  7. Thats really Kewl !!!!

    Bikes and that too miniature :DDD

    good one :D

  8. u have to have a lot of patience to sit and do that kind of a thing. beautiful!

  9. watch parts i think...
    i cant think of any good purchase from my 2 yrs of working .. sigh!

  10. All these are made of watches.

    Funny how money buys everything but happiness... man would've even brought it if it had a price tag on it. I had an ambition to gift a Hayabusa to my husband but ...

    I recently came to know of a guy who had got out of a 3 yr serious relationship with a girl and ran away from town and brought a R15 to make himself happy. It's as pathetic as it sounds. So, whenever I see a R15, I somehow remember this story. Felt like sharing it with you.

  11. these are made from watch parts. And are very nicely done.

  12. Wowww....simply superb :)....thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog...keep visiting


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